A chilling historic speech

November 2, 2010

… It didn’t happen in some remote or unfamiliar place; it happened right in the middle of the Western world. … And the orders came not from crude and uneducated men, but from men who regard themselves as cultured and well-schooled, modern and even forward-looking. They had all the outward traits of cultured men — except for conscience.

Their crimes show the world that evil can slip in and blend in, amid the most civilized of surroundings. In the end, only conscience can stop it, and moral discernment and decency and tolerance. These can never be assured in any time or in any society. They must always be taught.

The other day I ran across a speech in the Federal Archives that chilled me to the bone. The above words were a careful warning to never forget a time in history that changed everyone’s lives forever.

Weighing what folks would think, I hesitated to share  …until I saw the words on signs at recent campaign rallies.

The specific words captured in history were at a time before the world met Barack Obama or dreamed of campaign slogans like “hope and change” or “moving America forward.”

The words were written long ago. Long ago.

Regardless of how you feel about Barack Obama or the US President who gave the speech nearly a decade ago the words carry a vision of an evil time in history that no one of conscience can shake off.

The excerpt? President Bush in a speech during Days of Remembrance Observance of the Holocaust, April 24, 2001


Progressive morality and the three classes

October 27, 2010

I remember those historic campaigns of “hope and change.” 

He’s forever changed our country by promoting progressive morality.

America is moving forward through progressive morality that overwhelmingly encourages the blame game, lying, cheating, getting in your neighbors face, acquiring things through devious means and normalizing an entitlement class.

We’ve been conditioned to believe there are three classes of Americans: rich, middle and poor.

With the transformation of America moving forward we now have three new classes of folks in this country:

The government class
The entitlement class
The victim class who aspire to better themselves through hard work and innovation who are forced to pay for the first two

I forgot the rule of survival: Every con game uses three ingredients against the target: Sell the dream. Push the greed button. Stress urgency.

An open letter about illegal immigration

June 5, 2010

I chose to write an open letter about illegal immigration in hopes that even if one person hears me I might make a difference.

Today I heard a clip from Senator John McCain saying something like, “we’re going to close the borders – then move forward with immigration reform.” I think to myself, why are we letting these law breakers stay and why does McCain condone such illegal behavior if he loves his country?

Then I watched a video of  talk show host Joyce Kaufman at 850 WFTL speak out about illegal immigration. Kaufman passionately gave a speech about how we have the right to defend our rights as American citizens.

After listening to these two people a genuine sadness enveloped me. It was this minority woman — after declaring her love for this country — who keenly stood before us and said, you have to make it your business.

I had to agree with her that if I wanted third world behavior — like selling food from their push-carts or out of a car trunk in my area — I’d move to a third world country. No one talks about the identity theft occurring. No one talks about instant citizenship for the babies (Other countries don’t offer it. Why do we?).

When did my America turn into this? At what point did I realize as a white person I wasn’t allowed to speak out in protest of what the illegal immigrants are doing to my country for fear of being called a racist? …or an enemy combatant?

Below is my letter — to anyone who will listen.

The videos are given in link form to protect the copyrights of the people responsible for them. I urge you to go to every last link — you never see links to videos in one place that scream individually and collectively to your American way of life and patriotism the way each and every one of them listed here will.

My letter titled, “An open letter to our leader(s)”…

I saw today that the local U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 72 foreign nationals in the Chicago area in a sweep that ended last week. (Isn’t that where the Prez has a house?)

The report indicated that the 72 arrestees comprised of 65 men and seven women, represented the countries of China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Israel, Jamaica, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia and South Korea. (what? No foreign nationals from say… Kenya were arrested?)

Living out here in Arizona, I’ve always thought ICE was an urban legend.

So let’s talk about that Arizona border.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re having a bit of a border problem down here in Arizona.

And now that those folks out there in DC have been chirping about amnesty (What do you call it? Oh yeah, immigration R-E-F-O-R-M) the border traffic is stepping up. Apparently no one wants to be left out of the deal of free food, free medical, free schooling, free money, free housing, etc. (Currently, in the US, 1 in 4 are of foreign born parents)

Washington, DC doesn’t seem to be aware of how bad the problem is… so I’ve provided some videos for you to watch. It’s unfortunate though, that sites have been allegedly blocked by the government as the screen shot below suggests. (Maybe if there was porn on these sites it wouldn’t be blocked, huh?) The screen shot below is from a site called borderinvasionpics.com.

So… if any of you know some feds over there in DC I’d be grateful if you’d watch the videos for them and pass on what you’ve seen and learned.

These first two videos are an investigative report on US border security down here in Arizona. It was produced by WSBTV out of Atlanta. (It’s now confirmed that at least one news agency still reports the news.)
part 1
part 2

This next YouTube video is a documentary type video showing — contrary to what the media tells us — what the Arizona border fence really looks like (thus…why we have that awkward problem with illegals)

This next website, “BorderInvasionPics.com” actually shows videos of illegals coming across the Arizona border through hidden motion sensitive cameras. Its’ pretty cool actually. If you saw this every night on the evening news you wouldn’t be quite so casual when the subject came up (then click back to the home page to read/see more)

This video speaks for itself — what the illegals really think of us and our country.

This last video is talk show host Joyce Kaufman of WFTL giving her thoughts about illegal immigration before a gathering in Jupiter, Florida.

Today I saw my tax dollars being wasted

March 12, 2010

I saw my tax dollars’ being wasted again today.

I sighed after reading the junk mail then threw it out.

The federal government sent me a letter notifying me that I would soon be receiving the census form.

Hey. Thanks for the heads up.

I wonder how much that cost in supplies, man power and postage to get that letter to every household in America?

The same federal government has been utilizing my tax dollars to buy television, internet and radio ads for various subjects …including the census.

Every time I hear our President make a speech, it sounds like a commercial. An extension of whatever media ad the government is buying at the time.

About a year ago I noticed an explosion of government web sites. Everything from census.gov to flu.gov. Every imaginable subject now has a dedicated government web site associated with it. There must be a small army of people brainstorming new government web sites — then creating and formatting them.

Similarly, I’ve gone to government sites that used to have time sensitive updates on them now abandoned with old information.

I listen closely to the advertisements. Then I wait.

I hear words of fiscal responsibility. I hear words of job creation.

It was only in January that our President stood before the American people and announced that  job creation was this years’ priority.

Then Obama promptly expanded the federal budget and went on another personal campaign to push his health care agenda (i.e. live commercials).

Since returning from his Christmas vacation to Hawaii, Obama has jetted from one town to another pushing the health care agenda. These personal appearances aren’t open to the public, but rather to ticket holders only. I’ve heard he’s made over fifty personal appearances to push health care.

That’s alot of days to be out of the office.

Today I heard that the President was going to postpone his next trip (for a couple days) to avail himself to sign Health Care into law. His daughters will be on spring break from school and the family plan is to visit Indonesia, Guam and Australia.

 I wonder why they chose to visit those countries.

Americans’ are being squeezed financially from every direction while watching their hard earned money being squandered by those same squeezing institutions.

Are Americans on the brink of doing a national audit on the government books now that they’ve been forced to critique and adjust their own finances?

Will the public do an audit on the local government expenditures their tax dollars are paying for?

Will the public continue to finance budgets without closely scrutinizing salaries, perks and pensions?

Will the public ever grow weary of hearing the phrase “underpaid and underfunded” without a peek at the numbers?

Will Americans continue to believe the ad campaigns unchallenged?

In the meantime I challenge you to move out of your comfort zone. This weeks challenge is to listen online to radio station WA0K (news-talk 138o) while you’re surfing the net. Lemme know what you think about the station content.

Wouldn’t it have been great if someone in that army of web designers possessed the cleverness to design a census questionaire online? Think of all the tax dollars in postage and handling that would have saved. 

When revisions cause intent of healthcare reform to miss it’s goal

February 25, 2010

The move for health care reform continues — for another year.

In a time of US history when our country suffers a 17% U6 unemployment rate, people are losing their homes, home mortgages are higher than homes are worth, identity theft is at an all-time high we continue to argue over a healthcare plan that has long since lost focus of its initial intent of affordability and availability for everyone.

Don’t forget the goalaffordable healthcare for everyone.

Washington has lost its focus on the two primary goals of healthcare reform. It has morphed itself from an honest intentioned piece of legislation to a stack of rules, regulations, complexities and penalties only surpassed by IRS legislation.

The legislators neither care about public approval, cost nor availability.

Public approval rating is at 30-40% for the current healthcare reform.

If healthcare reform passes — people buying individual insurance policies would see an estimated 10-13% premium increase according to the US Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Independent estimates are higher.

If healthcare reform passes — approximately 8% of the population under the age of 65 will continue to be uninsured.

Currently, approximately 15% of the US population is uninsured. As of 2007 there were about 45 million uninsured people. Almost 10 million are not citizens; about 10 million earn 3X the poverty level but don’t purchase health insurance; and 10 million either haven’t applied or already on government subsidized healthcare.

The legislators neither care about public approval, cost nor availability.

Legislators have set their sights on healthcare reform — at any cost — as they continue to surge forward long since forgetting about public approval, cost or availability for all.

Don’t forget the goal — affordable healthcare for everyone.

The day before President Obama sat down for a bi-partisan healthcare summit, SEIU union (Service Employees International Union) mobilized it’s members for a march in Washington in support of healthcare reform. 2.2 million SEIU members strong they also sent over one million messages to Congress in favor of the legislation.

I find irony in an approval rating of 30-40% from the public while the fastest growing union (SEIU-Service Employees International Union) marches in Washington pushing for healthcare that its own members who are comprised of public safety personnel, local and state government workers, public school employees, bus drivers and health care workers — to name a few — already have health care provided for them and won’t fall under the harsh mandates.

Washington lost focus on the purpose of healthcare reform and it’s apparent the people marching in Washington are there to make it “appear” that you and I want it.

Read the interesting link between ACORN and SEIU in the article, “Federal report on ACORN confirms misconduct.”

Needing immigrants to do those dirty jobs

September 8, 2009

The media continues to tell us that we need immigrants to do dirty jobs Americans’ won’t “do.” Are Americans unwilling to do those jobs or are they being pushed out of them? 

Watch Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs and decide for yourself who’s willing to do those dirty jobs.

This year President Obama said: I guarantee you will need an “education.”

I beg to differ with President Obama. And so should you.

But this isn’t just about President Obama. This is about the way we’ve begun to think as a country.

The foundation of this country was built on the integrity of performing an honest days work, superior workmanship and the quality of ones’ character. A mans word meant something and he returned what he borrowed. Always.

That’s our prestigious history, yet I never hear any emphasis on the characteristics that made this country the greatest in the world

Granted, a formal “education” has it’s place and it’s a noble goal set by families and individuals. Likewise, alot of Americans — not formally educated — have contributed to the historical building blocks that has made our country the greatest.  “Smarts” trumps a formal “education.” Smarts is what built this country.

Have you ever watched a construction site? Do you think those are college or ivy league “educated” people swinging those hammers?

Someone needs to swing the hammer, install the phone line, build the bridge, dig the ditch, fix the road, milk the cows and unplug the sewer line. The list is endless of  Americans we need to hold down those jobs that don’t need a college degree.

I saw a short interview with Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe. Dirty Jobs is a cable television show that gives viewers a glimpse of different dirty jobs across America. As a guest, Mike Rowe performs the spotlighted job for a day.

I applaud him.

Mike Rowe is the first person in this country who has publicly stood up for those people who are silently in the background keeping this country running. Those dirty jobs that don’t necessarily need a college education to perform.

Those jobs are equally as important in running this country. The people are educated who are doing those jobs although they may not have gone to college.

Those jobs will never go away.

When did the idea slip into our culture — without any dispute —  that Americans won’t do “those” jobs?

Our own government is suggesting citizenship to illegal immigrants in our country on the pretense that they are the only people who will do the work. I suppose it sounds better than to say illegals have permeated the employment opportunities for the less formally educated Americans in this country. Tomato. Ta-mah-to.

Again, I refer to Mike Rowe. Watch Dirty Jobs and make a mental note of who the people are doing those dirty jobs.

I refute the idea that Americans won’t do those jobs and that everyone needs a formal college degree.

Additionally, I offer a grateful thank you to all those Americans who are not being acknowledged.

I offer an apology for every hard working American without a formal college education for the way our President insinuates you are something less without a college degree.

I’m ashamed as an American to have bought into the two ideas.

So should you.

See how identity theft crosses over into the illegal immigration debate.

How to tell if your dog is republican

August 21, 2009

Yesterday, I tagged along with a friend while she took her dog for a walk. I wondered out loud whether her dog was a republican or democrat.

Without hesitation she replied that her dog is a republican and explained why.

A republican dog views all strangers with equal suspicion

A republican dog knows it has to earn its’ doggie treats.

A republican dog only seems to relieve itself on the left side of the yard and never relieves itself on a bush

A republican dog doesn’t bark endlessly about nothing

A republican dog puts its’ doggy bones in a special place for later

A republican dog views the walk with its master as a privilege and not a right

She continued to share her thoughts as she rambled on mumbled something about exotic breeds.