Race – I’m Going to Say IT

Until now, no one has been willing to talk about race in this campaign. It’s whispered behind closed doors – but never openly.

Senator Obama came from nowhere and has packaged himself as the man who will unite the country. To date, his marketing campaign – because that’s all it is – has been highly successful with his ethnic group and the young.

Obama is having a hard time getting the older white vote.

But no one says WHY. Well – let’s get it out there – because I’m tired of everyone skirting around the issue and not coming out with it.

In my opinion, the reason Obama can’t secure huge numbers of older white voters is because almost every older white person in this country has been beat out of a job by a minority because of affirmative action.

Through the infinite wisdom of the government, affirmative action was created. The initial intent was grand, commendable and warranted.

In present times, this antiquated law has resulted in qualified whites being passed over for jobs. In the name of  job quotas through affirmative action whites have had to step aside while less qualified minorities were given the job. A lot of older white folks have had to work in “team” environments where not everyone works as a “team.” Management hands are tied because of the threat of affirmative action lawsuits.

Older white voters are relating to the way Obama is talking and acting on a personal level.

Older whites have been beat out of jobs by minorities with no qualifications using the exact techniques to be handed jobs. In the end, the minority man will indignantly accuse the employer that he’s not being hired because of his race/sex and will never address their lack of qualifications.

Sound familiar?

The young have not experienced it – yet.

There. It’s said.


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