Obama Poem

When we hear Obama speak
We hear him speak of change
Change he’ll do
Change we’ll see
Change for all he claims to be

He brings relief for the weak
Over and over the same old speak
Never details. Nothing real
It’s just the way he makes you feel

He pulls you in as if on a rope
Vote for him if you believe in hope
He’ll give you everything money can buy
Listen to him cause he won’t lie

Town hall meetings he has been asked
Not gonna happen it’ll shatter his mask
Meet his rules or he’ll say no
He’s too smart to even go

Don’t ask for details he’ll have a fit
What you hear he’ll say is sh!t
They lie, they cheat, they even steal
I’ll fix all things he says with zeal

Vote for him we will unite
But it won’t happen over night
A second term is what he’ll need
He’ll ask more time for the deed

His resume is thin at best
There’s no denial you must attest
No corporation would let him lead
He has no experience to succeed

But lead our nation he wants to do
He has the press and money too
We vote for him we are fools
He doesn’t even have the tools



UPDATE: Career voting recordsCurrently, Senator Obama has voted 94 times to raise taxes. Senator McCain has NEVER voted to raise taxes.

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