As the United States election process moved forward I realized and agreed with the majority of active observers that the campaigns were not touching on subjects that would be important to know about our future president.

It appeared, to me, that the press wasn’t forthcoming with any information about Senator Barack Obama for an educated decision to be made about his qualifications.

Senator Obama seemed to have a glow behind him — the press.

Senator Obama continues to be a man with little known history. We the people were counting on the press to fill in the gaps. It was soon apparent they would not.

Our only resources were those of the seemingly biased press and Senator Obama’s own website.

 I reviewed his legislation record — both as a state senator and a US senator; his personal background as related from his books; his religious background.

Unlike other sources of reference, mine was based from his own words in his books, sources from government websites regarding legislature he has either introduced or voted on. (Now if only someone were willing to pay me for doing the work of the press.) I  tried the best I could to get as close to the original source as possible as it’s hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

I was eager to share what I’d researched about (the then) Senator Obama.

As I got wrapped up in the whole political thing I realized how much legislation is out there that we never hear about. How much news gets pumped to us, in my opinion, that is biased to serve a purpose.

I’ve finally found my passion. A passion to research and share what’s really going on for those that don’t have the time I do.

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3 Responses to About

  1. Andrew says:

    i enjoyed what i have read of your blog thus far.President Obama in my opinion is a scary liberal who has been giving too much slack and was pre ordained by the hollywood left,liberal media and far left social elite professor/academic who want their big government and more control over the people.

    but i can’t and won’t blame the people who want change.greed is greed whether its right wing corporate greed or the liberal big government “everybody is a victim” style.

    politicians don’t run the beast thats our country and world it’s greedy people who have lack real morals and character.if every person loved their fellow man as much as they love themselves then our problems would be easy to solve as a society.

  2. Andrew,

    Very astute overview of the current political climate!

  3. David Chapman says:

    Very well done. Will subscribe. David.

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