A chilling historic speech

… It didn’t happen in some remote or unfamiliar place; it happened right in the middle of the Western world. … And the orders came not from crude and uneducated men, but from men who regard themselves as cultured and well-schooled, modern and even forward-looking. They had all the outward traits of cultured men — except for conscience.

Their crimes show the world that evil can slip in and blend in, amid the most civilized of surroundings. In the end, only conscience can stop it, and moral discernment and decency and tolerance. These can never be assured in any time or in any society. They must always be taught.

The other day I ran across a speech in the Federal Archives that chilled me to the bone. The above words were a careful warning to never forget a time in history that changed everyone’s lives forever.

Weighing what folks would think, I hesitated to share  …until I saw the words on signs at recent campaign rallies.

The specific words captured in history were at a time before the world met Barack Obama or dreamed of campaign slogans like “hope and change” or “moving America forward.”

The words were written long ago. Long ago.

Regardless of how you feel about Barack Obama or the US President who gave the speech nearly a decade ago the words carry a vision of an evil time in history that no one of conscience can shake off.

The excerpt? President Bush in a speech during Days of Remembrance Observance of the Holocaust, April 24, 2001


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