Today I saw my tax dollars being wasted

I saw my tax dollars’ being wasted again today.

I sighed after reading the junk mail then threw it out.

The federal government sent me a letter notifying me that I would soon be receiving the census form.

Hey. Thanks for the heads up.

I wonder how much that cost in supplies, man power and postage to get that letter to every household in America?

The same federal government has been utilizing my tax dollars to buy television, internet and radio ads for various subjects …including the census.

Every time I hear our President make a speech, it sounds like a commercial. An extension of whatever media ad the government is buying at the time.

About a year ago I noticed an explosion of government web sites. Everything from to Every imaginable subject now has a dedicated government web site associated with it. There must be a small army of people brainstorming new government web sites — then creating and formatting them.

Similarly, I’ve gone to government sites that used to have time sensitive updates on them now abandoned with old information.

I listen closely to the advertisements. Then I wait.

I hear words of fiscal responsibility. I hear words of job creation.

It was only in January that our President stood before the American people and announced that  job creation was this years’ priority.

Then Obama promptly expanded the federal budget and went on another personal campaign to push his health care agenda (i.e. live commercials).

Since returning from his Christmas vacation to Hawaii, Obama has jetted from one town to another pushing the health care agenda. These personal appearances aren’t open to the public, but rather to ticket holders only. I’ve heard he’s made over fifty personal appearances to push health care.

That’s alot of days to be out of the office.

Today I heard that the President was going to postpone his next trip (for a couple days) to avail himself to sign Health Care into law. His daughters will be on spring break from school and the family plan is to visit Indonesia, Guam and Australia.

 I wonder why they chose to visit those countries.

Americans’ are being squeezed financially from every direction while watching their hard earned money being squandered by those same squeezing institutions.

Are Americans on the brink of doing a national audit on the government books now that they’ve been forced to critique and adjust their own finances?

Will the public do an audit on the local government expenditures their tax dollars are paying for?

Will the public continue to finance budgets without closely scrutinizing salaries, perks and pensions?

Will the public ever grow weary of hearing the phrase “underpaid and underfunded” without a peek at the numbers?

Will Americans continue to believe the ad campaigns unchallenged?

In the meantime I challenge you to move out of your comfort zone. This weeks challenge is to listen online to radio station WA0K (news-talk 138o) while you’re surfing the net. Lemme know what you think about the station content.

Wouldn’t it have been great if someone in that army of web designers possessed the cleverness to design a census questionaire online? Think of all the tax dollars in postage and handling that would have saved. 


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