Obscure news found on June 27

June 27 brings interestingly obscure news from all over. Read on!

Cap and Trade Bill passes House — was your voice heard? — Forty-four democrats and eight republicans jumped the party line vote, while three chose not to vote at all on this important Bill. See how YOUR Representative voted [read it at the Examiner]

Swine flu virus update — Swine flu incidents of deaths and confirmed cases from all around the world might surprise you. Although billions of dollars has been authorized for pandemic preparedness here in this country, our own CDC has scaled back to only reporting our national statistics on a weekly basis [read worldwide stats on this site]

Only 17% rate government a wiser spender than private business — By a 62%-17% margin, Americans believe that private businesses spend money more wisely and carefully than government [read it at Rasmussen]

‘Proof’ of Kenyan birth twice scrubbed by eBay — But seller of  ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ dodges administrators to post 3rd time — An eBay seller calling himself “colmado_naranja” who previously promised to deliver a certified copy of President Obama’s actual birth certificate – from a  hospital in Mombasa, Kenya – has twice had his listing removed from the popular auction website [read it at World Net Daily]

New York City swine flu case tally could be as high as 500,000, CDC says —  New research estimates that half a million New Yorkers have been infected by swine flu – casting doubts on the city’s claim that transmission of the H1N1 virus has declined [read it at New York Daily News]

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