Cap and Trade Bill passes House – was your voice heard?

JUNE 27, 2009 — The American Clean Energy and Security Act was passed with a vote of 219 to 212 yesterday in the US House of Representatives.

Many Americans, divided on the issue of “cap and trade” felt this vote was extremely important for the future of America.

Democrats primarily voted yes to pass the bill, while Republicans voted no. Forty-four democrats jumped party lines to vote no, while eight republicans voted yes. Three Representatives did not vote.  See how your US Representative voted here.

With annual salaries in the $174,000 range and staff salaries for each Representative running around $1 M according to – do you feel you’re getting your monies worth?

Read the Bill HR 2454


One Response to Cap and Trade Bill passes House – was your voice heard?

  1. We’re gonna…
    Cap and trade
    all carbon emissions
    gonna cap and trade
    that will be our mission

    We’re gonna cap and trade
    see what I mean
    the government is
    going green today…
    We cap and trade.

    See cap and trade
    charges folks for releasing carbon
    like companies that use
    vehicles that park and

    utilities and factories
    who pass the cost
    to people who will pay
    for cap and trade

    It sounds like cap and trade
    is a tax we pay then
    No sir, cap and trade
    is just a regulation

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