US Constitutional amendment for marriage is proposed

A Joint Resolution by the US House of Representatives has proposed an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to marriage.

Marriage in the United States shall consist only of a legal union of one man and one woman.

No court of the United States or of any State shall have jurisdiction to determine whether this Constitution or the constitution of any State requires that the legal incidents of marriage be conferred upon any union other than a legal union between one man and one woman

No State shall be required to give effect to any public act, record, or judicial proceeding of any other State concerning a union between persons of the same sex that is treated as a marriage, or as having the legal incidents of marriage, under the laws of such other State

HJ Res 37


2 Responses to US Constitutional amendment for marriage is proposed

  1. One positive thought I have when I read this is the FACT that people like you are paying the taxes we would be paying.

    Anti-Equality folks deserve to solely fund THEIR theocracy.

    Why beg for what you can TAKE?

    It’s not my fault Americans haven’t caught up with common decency, JUSTICE, and morality.
    [National Equality Tax REVOLT]

  2. willnevergiveup says:

    People like me? hmmm.

    When a gay (non married) partner dies, the inheritance the surviving partner stands to receive over a certain dollar amount will be taxed at a larger percentage rate because you’re not legally married.

    On the other hand, “alternative lifestyle” partners who aren’t married are not legally responsible for any outstanding debts, including catastrophic medical bills for thier partner.

    If married, all insurance companies would be obligated to cover the “spouse.” As it is now, some corporations already cover same sex partners in their medical policies.

    Because gays are not in a legally binding marriage there are certain financial benefits and pitfalls some folks never consider.

    It’s not just about the marriage certificate.

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