FDA Failed Again — But No One’s Talking

March 7, 2009

Remember that scene in the movie Slum Dog Millionaire when the empty water bottles were refilled with tap water then sealed with super glue? That was just a movie.

Here in the United States a more sinister act has been perpetrated by a North Carolina pre-filled syringe factory.

On Feb. 23, 2009, two employees of a pre-filled syringe manufacture, AM2PAT, Inc,  plead guilty and were sentenced to 54 months imprisonment for misbranding syringes for distribution. The employees are Ravindra Kumar Sharma, age 54, of Richmond, Virginia and Aniruddha Petel, age 43, of Carpentersville, Illinois.

Criminal complaints included mail fraud, submitting false statements to a US government entity, and knowingly sending misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud.

Syringes were misbranded as “sterile,” when, in fact, the requisite sterility testing on these products had not been completed prior to their shipment into interstate commerce.

Paperwork had been falsified or fabricated to indicate compliance.

The company, AM2PAT, Inc. is responsible for 200 to 300 medical patients throughout the country who developed bacterial infections after having been injected by the syringes. Serious illness such as spinal meningitis, permanent brain damage and even death have resulted in some cases.

AM2PAT, which also sold products under the name Sierra Pre-Filled, produced syringes of heparin and saline, which are often used on already vulnerable patients during cancer treatments, kidney dialysis and other procedures. Read more here

A Federal Grand Jury returned a ten-count Indictment against both AM2PAT, Inc., and its former President, Dushyant Pate on February 19, 2009. Charges include making materially false statements to the Food and Drug Administration in the company’s 2003 Notification to the Food and Drug Administration of its intent to market syringes pre-filled with heparin.

A statement made on Feb. 25 indicated authorities searching for the Chicago-based company’s CEO Dushyant Patel, who had been indicted the week earlier. They believe he fled to his native India.

Read the entire US Attorneys’ Office Press Release here

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A Fable Unfolded: ACORN and a Foreclosure “Victim”

February 23, 2009

By now you’ve heard the announcement from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) regarding the  launch of the Home Defenders Campaign, which seeks to use civil disobedience techniques, complemented by mass communication (texts, emails, social networking, etc.), to cull wide grassroots support for victims of foreclosure in at least 22 cities across the nation.

One particular case has caught my attention. It’s the case of the Donna Hanks foreclosure story. The more I read about her situation, the more the story “changed.” Read on because the “end” of this post might surprise you.

Apparently Hanks, according to one news article, is a victim. She says the bank refused to modify her loan and foreclosed, kicking her out of the house in September.

To her pleasure, ACORN stepped in to protect her, calling Hanks a victim of predatory lending. Breaking the foreclosure padlock off the front door they entered the property. Hanks reclaimed her former home and changed the locks.

An ACORN representative stated,  “We are actually trespassing, and so this is a way of civil disobedience to try to stay in the house. Legally it’s wrong, but homesteading is the only means that she has left to stay in her house. And we feel as though this is the right thing to do at this particular time to save this family.” Read more here

So far, the story seemed to be consistent from one article to another. Then the story took a turn today.

Initially, Hanks had commented that there was new paint on the walls and there was evidence that someone had been remodeling. Read more here

The story would change by a high level ACORN representative who stated in the six short months since the home was seized, it had been extensively damaged, essentially partially gutted. The toilets were missing, and the upstairs ceiling was badly damaged. Read more here

Then today I read rumblings on the internet that she wasn’t exactly a “victim.”

Donna Hanks initially purchased her home (… South Ellwood, Baltimore, MD 21224) on 7/06/2001 for $87,000. She re-fi’d in 2005 for $270,000, went into bankruptcy in 2006, and this was the 2nd foreclosure. The $300 a month was actually the $340 a month she agreed to re-pay as she was over $10,000 behind in her payments. The house was sold in July 08 and they couldn’t get her out until September 08 after not paying anything for over a year. Read more here

Checking the property and court records from the links provided in the above article did indicate a person by that name lived at that address and the foreclosure dates check out as well. Should you be a nonbeliever and feel compelled, the above article gives links to websites that show recorded documents to verify the allegations.

My question is: Where did that $270,000 go that she pocketed before she became a “victim”?

This month ACORN demonstrators appeared at a Washington DC office that holds foreclosure auctions. Chanting “no sales here” they shut operations down for an hour.

Earlier in February, two bank executives from Rye, NY, and Greenwich, Connecticut respectively, resisting to help modify loans were visited at their residences by more than 300 people who showed up in an attempt to make their statement with slogans. Pitty their neighbors.

Demanding a moratorium on foreclosures, protesters have appeared in Boston, Detroit, Memphis and Cleveland to confront bankers. Read more here

To see a list of foreclosure statistics by state click here

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Americans and the amazing Mr. Obama according to a Russian news report OR Is Barry Soetoro not showing his birth certificate making our country a laughing stock around the world?

December 2, 2008

I’ve enjoyed reading news articles coming out of other countries about our recent presidential election. Apparently the other countries don’t regurgitate their stories from the AP like our mainstream press does. Sadly, the other countries seem to be giving more reliable information through the election season than our own press.

The most recent article I read was written by Mark S. McGrew in Pravda out of Russia. He even gives links to substantiate the article. I have to say, the perception of our political scene seems to be more straight forward and honest over there. I also believe other countries hold the same view portrayed in this article:

Titled: Barack: The Amazing Mr. Obama

It begins by describing how truly amazing Mr. Obama is.

Going on to describes how he has managed to create an illusion of a Public Office that does not exist, The Office of the President Elect.

Referring to him as Barry Sotero, AKA Barack Obama, a man with no visible past who was able to  have a lawsuit against him dismissed, three weeks after his non-response was proof that he is not a US citizen.

The article goes on with more reference to more lawsuits that Barry has ignored. The full page ads in the Washington Times as well as the Chicago Tribune asking Obama to prove his citizenship.

Describing how…

Obama promised people what they wanted: Hope and Change, without ever saying what that hope and change were going to be. One of Obama’s much praised abilities is his way of being very articulate in his speeches.

Every con man walking free or in jail is an articulate speaker. Who would give their trust to a man who could not use the right words to convince his targets to trust him? Articulate speaking is no way to judge or rate the integrity of a person.

Every con game uses three ingredients against the target: Sell the dream. Push the greed button. Stress urgency.

…The non-existent Office of the President Elect is the Jack Call. The constant news shots of his “involvement and concern” in national and world issues are the repeated Jack Calls.

It remains to be seen if Barry Sotero, Barack Obama or whatever his name is, is appointed President by the Electoral College.

But beyond all of that controversy, there is one subject in this man’s activities that is truly astounding: There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that his beloved grandmother actually died on the day before the election as his campaign said she did. He said he would attend her funeral “In a few days”. He never did. Then he said he would have a funeral for her around the end of the year. What kind of person keeps their grandmother’s body on ice for two months? What kind of a person would play on the death of his grandmother to win “the sympathy vote”? Where is the proof that she died when she said she did? Normally, we could simply learn from the local coroner of a well known person’s death. But the only public comment made by the Honolulu Medical Examiner, who acts as coroner in Honolulu, Hawaii was, “We didn’t work that case.”

Barack Obama may just win his place in history as the greatest con man of all time. A hundred million people believed him and spent 600 million dollars to get him “elected” to the highest office in America, without ever knowing if he is or is not eligible to even run as an American citizen. It is either amazing that he will pull it off or it is amazing that so many millions of people believed him.

Other countries “get it” about the birth certificate issue. We should be ashamed that we were so gullible – and now – apparently – the laughing stock of the world. Read the whole article here. It’s definitely a MUST read.

Another new press release from “The New American” states…

This story has gained credence, separating it from Internet rumors, because Obama has reputedly hired three law firms (firms, not lawyers) to make sure that no one gets access to his birth records in Hawaii or his college transcripts from Occidental College and Harvard. (It is speculated that the transcripts will show he applied for aid to foreign students.)

Read the entire article here.

Lawsuits surrounding Obama’s birth certificate continue to mount across the country. Why won’t Barry produce? Where’s the press?

November 22, 2008

The latest update on the Andy Martin lawsuit in Hawai’i has been published.

Is this a sign of the times when proof of citizenship to run the highest office in the land is dismissed by the courts? What happened to “we the people”? More importantly, why is the mainstream press not reporting these lawsuits that have been cropping up all across the country?

Video of Mamma Sara speaking out in Kenya

To date, suits have been filed in Hawaii, Washington, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New Jersey and Connecticut. Read about each suit here.

Yesterday, another court is added to the list of lawmakers who refuse to produce Barack 0bama’s ORIGINAL typewritten birth certificate. A requirement to become President of the United States is to be a natural born citizen.

Questions have been circulating that 0bama was not born in this country. If he was not born of this country his mother–a United States citizen-did not meet the criteria for her son to be a US citizen as she was only 18.

At best, if 0bama was born in this country, he was adopted by his Indonesian step father and was given Indonesian citizenship as a young lad. There are no records that he made efforts to regain American citizenship to date. Perhaps he even traveled on an Indonesian passport as late as the 1980’s. Read more here.

See the video explaining the twists and turns of his questionable citizenship with legal expert Berg here:

As state after state has had suits filed requesting courts to verify his qualifications to be eligible for president each has been thrown out.

To date, President Elect 0bama has not shown his eligibility. A birth certificate posted on the internet by FactCheck.org as well as the Obama campaign site has been proven to be in fact be a lie. An obvious clue was that it was not typewritten. FactCheck.Org is funded by the Annenberg Foundation. The same foundation, in fact, that Obama worked for in conjunction with William Ayers some years ago. Read more about the FactCheck documents here.

In the latest court dispute in Hawaii Andy Martin is says the Judicial system reflects “callous disregard” for the American people. Read the press release here.

The Andy Martin case in Hawaii will be appealed.


Judicial Watch Under Fire

November 10, 2008

Judicial Watch reported November 6, that the Hispanic Bar Association demanded and received the terms “illegal” and “aliens” banned from all Arizona state courtrooms. According to the Hispanic Bar Assn., the terms were perceived to be inflammatory and might create judicial bias.

Los Abogados, the Hispanic bar association of Arizona wrote a letter to Chief Justice McGregor of the Supreme Court of Arizona requesting that judges and employees:

Use the terms “undocumented immigrants, foreign nationals, persons without legal immigration status, unauthorized workers, and alleged or suspected undocumented immigrants.”

Additionally, the request asked for terms such as “illegals, illegal aliens, aliens, resident or non-resident aliens, illegal immigrants, scratchbacks or wetbacks, armies of immigrants, invaders, reconquistadores and anchor babies” not to be used in public documents and proceedings.

Friday, November 7, an Arizona Supreme Court spokesperson spoke with Judicial Watch. The spokesperson denied the Chief Justice banned anything and accused Judicial Watch of “slander.”

You be the judge. Read the letters and see other terms encouraged and discouraged here. 

Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama — Career History (part 1)

October 24, 2008

A while back I was going through some old internet archives browsing through BO’s past. Because there is so much information I’ve chosen to post smaller blocks of information as opposed to one large article. Here’s the first in the series of archives I’ve uncovered.

Below I’ve posted excerpts from the websites as it relates to Obama.

Having no clue what the letters “NP” and “DSA” meant they kept popping up in the 1990’s archives. The words “grassroots,” “progressive” and other key terms that I’ve become familiar with in this political environment are used through the archived articles I stumbled onto.

Since first reading the articles I’ve found out what NP and DSA mean.

NP stands for “New Party.” DSA stands for Democratic Socialists of America. They both seem to be connected although DSA currently denies it. As a footnote there is a youth section of DSA called Young Democratic Socialists. Not only did I not realize there was a socialist group to indoctrinate children, neither did I know how active it is.

I also stumbled across a list of DSA members running our country only to be shocked to see some familiar names that are currently in high profile government positions.

According to former Naval Intelligence Officer Marion Valentine as reported in a Canada Free Press article dated Oct. 16, 2008: “I found Frank Marshall Davis, who had fled from Chicago to Hawaii when Obama was 12 years old, was Obama’s mentor from then till Davis died in 1987.

“Davis put Obama in touch with the Socialist Party in Chicago (called the New Party) which Ayers is also a member of, (emphasis added) therefore the first “Planned” contact with Ayers.  The New Party helped launch and finance Obama’s political career.  Obama…selected, trained, groomed and scripted to become the “puppet” leader of the United Socialist States of America.”

In 1950 Frank Marshall Davis  was investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee for his links with the Communist Party USA in the United States

From The Columbus Free PressNew Party Online News – Elections Update (archive):

“Our task, and there are no shortcuts, is to build enough power to produce better choices in the future.

Overall: Campaign finance led the way, with overwhelming victories in Arkansas and Massachusetts. Not counting Washington, DC’s ANC races, NP members and supported candidates won 16 of 23 races, bringing our overall total to 110 victories in 163 races.

Illinois: The first NP member heads to Congress, as Danny Davis wins an overwhelming 85% victory yesterday (he got a higher percentage of the vote in that district than the President). NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested. Interestingly, it appears that the local Democratic machine is trying to distance itself from our folks. At a “Democratic Unity” march on Chicago’s West Side, a flyer invited community members to join with a host of local democratic candidates. The only two west-side Democrats not listed: NP members Danny Davis (U.S. House candidate) and Michael Chandler (Alderman and Ward Committeeman).”

From the NewParty.Org  Winter 1996 update: “Chicago Campaigns —The Illinois New Party is working intensively on Willie Delgado’s state representative campaign. Delgado is part of an emerging Latino network in Chicago. We’re also backing Danny Davis in a Congressional race, Barack Obama for state representative, and judicial candidate Patricia Martin. In addition to the electoral work, the NP in Chicago is supporting a local living wage campaign and an effort to prevent the placement of a waste site on the West Side”

Birth Certificate, Ayers, Rev. Wright, ACORN, and the “New Party” — Now we discover Obama has family in politics/government with dad, Odinga and others

October 17, 2008

I thought I heard tell that Obama’s daddy was a goat herder? Now I research and find out that he comes from a well known political family in Africa. Although I’ve made this post short and to the point I’ve inserted ALOT of links should any part of this post pique your interest. It’s ALL interesting reading.

Me wonders what else the media  is withholding from us?

Obama’s mother Stanley Ann, PhD., initially taught English at the American embassy in Indonesia. Later, she would do work as an American anthropologist in Indonesia. She became a leader in microfinancing for women in Indonesia, well before the idea of giving women small loans became a major component of development. Read more here.

Obama’s maternal grandfather was a furniture salesman and grandmother a bank vice president. Read  more here.

Obama’s father was a finance minister in Kenya and came from a well to do politically influential family. Read more here and how he died here.

As I’m sure you know from my previous posts, BO’s cousin Raila Odinga (of the Luo tribe) is a Kenyan politician. On the last trip to Kenya, Obama helped his cousin campaign for President. Raila finished second in the 2007 Kenyan Presidential race by a few percentage points in a widely disputed election that Raila denounced as “rigged.”  Raila Odinga is currently prime minister of Kenya. Read more here, here and here.

The Odinga’s are a  family of well known rich, elitist African politicians

Raila Odinga’s older brother Oburu Odinga, is the Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Finance. (notice Obama Sr. was finance minister at one time). Read more here.

Cousin Raila’s father was in politics also. Oginga Odinga (full name is Jaramogi Ajuma Oginga Odinga) entered politics in 1957 and by 1964 was vice president of Kenya. (BO’s uncle?) Read more here and here.

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