Mexican / American Border Images 2014

July 12, 2014

Take a virtual tour of the fencing along the US / Mexico border.


DHS announcement of highest immigration enforcement numbers — well…kinda

October 12, 2010

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) press release dated 10/8/10 proclaimed: DHS/ICE reveal highest immigration enforcement numbers on record in fiscal year 2010

What the DHS didn’t inform the public of is that there are two categories of deportation.

It’s all about semantics. While it’s true that the removals have gone up, however, the returns have gone down. The overall combined numbers have also gone down. (see graphs below)

* Removals are based on an “order of removal”. The alien has administrative or criminal consequences placed on subsequent reentry.

* Returns are NOT based on an order of removal. Most of the voluntary returns are of Mexican nationals who have been apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol and are returned to Mexico. (There is no criminal consequences placed on subsequent reentry.)

“Since the beginning of this administration, we have fundamentally changed the federal government’s approach to immigration enforcement,” — DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“In fiscal year (FY) 2010, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed more illegal aliens than in any other period in the history of our nation. ICE removed more than 392,000 illegal aliens-half of them, more than 195,000-were convicted of crimes, including murder, sex offenses and drug violations.”

According to the 2009 annual report released August 2010:

393,000 foreign nationals were removed from the United States—the seventh consecutive record high. The leading countries of origin of those removed were Mexico (72 percent), Guatemala (7 percent), and Honduras (7 percent).

580,000 foreign nationals were returned to their home countries without a removal order.

This year under the Mexican Interior Repatriation Program a record 23,384 illegal Mexican immigrants voluntarily accepted flights back to their homeland from Arizona. At a cost to the US taxpayer of nearly $15 million the voluntary flights surpassed the previous year by more than double. 85% of the travellers were male.

The Mexican Interior Repatriation Program (MIRP) began in July of 2004. Illegal Mexican migrants may volunteer for the program, returning home via charter aircraft from Tucson, Arizona to either Mexico City or Guadalajara. Bus transportation is then provided to their final destination. Repatriation flights from Tucson, AZ were offered for nearly four months this summer compared with 36 days in 2009.

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Source: Department of Homeland Security


Source: Department of Homeland Security

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CBP Advises of ‘Phishing’ E-Mails Being Distributed

April 24, 2009

(04/24/2009) The US Customs and Border Protection Agency has been notified that malicious e-mails have been circulating which claim to be from U.S. Customs and Border Protection and reference a package or other items which have been intercepted by CBP. These e-mails are not authentic and have not been sent from the Department of Homeland Security or any CBP authorized system or individual.

CBP will not initiate contact to citizens by e-mail for customs declarations issues.

The e-mails which may have a subject line similar to “Parcel requires declaration” or “Your Consignment,” indicate that a parcel or other “inheritance” destined for you is being held by CBP and urges you to respond to the sender with your contact information. Other variants of these messages may include an attached file which contains a damaging computer virus. In general, the objective of this scam is to convince a victim to send some amount of money to the sender so that the supposed inheritance will be released from consignment.

If you have received a similar e-mail message do not respond to the sender or open any attachments that might be contained in the email.

Please report the occurrence to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) on the Report Phishing page. ( US-CERT – Report Phishing )

If you believe you are the victim of this scam or other Internet crime, or if you are aware of an attempted crime, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. ( Internet Crime Complaint Center )

For more information about email security and social engineering refer to the US-CERT security publication Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks. ( US-CERT – National Cyber Alert System )

Watch Mexican/US Border Online — Report Suspicious Activity From Home

March 12, 2009

Be a part of a community watch program to reduce crime on the Texas-Mexico border.

The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition (TBSC) has joined BlueServoSM in a public-private partnership to deploy the Virtual Community Watch along the Texas-Mexico border.

Be involved in the extra surveillance and directly participate in reducing crime via monitoring network feeds live streaming video

Create a free account and e-mail any suspicious activity you observe. The local law in the area will respond to these reports, conduct all investigations, and take appropriate actions.

Sign up and view the site here

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