Obama’s Aunt Zeituni grants first public interview in US

September 23, 2010

The now infamous Kenyan Aunt Zeituni of President Barack Obama who was discovered to be living in the United States illegally shortly before the historic Presidential election has finally granted an interview with the press. Jonathan Elias of WBZTV– Boston has released the two part interview. 

Zeituni Onyango, had been living in the United States illegally since her 2000 visitor visa expired and received asylum in early 2010. (read narration of Zeituni’s stay in the US)

Somehow, Zeituni received public housing ahead of needy US citizens. She expressed in the interview that, “this country is owned by almighty God” and that “the system” took advantage of her.


Obama the Joker – examining capitalist, socialist, communist definitions

August 4, 2009

With the appearance of posters cropping up in odd places around Los Angeles  depicting President Obama as the joker with a single word under the picture “socialism” (view photo here) I thought it worthy to review definitions according to my hard-bound Webster’s dictionary.

Capitalism: the economic system in which all or most of the means of production and distribution, as land, factories, railroads, etc., are privately owned and operated for profit, originally under fully competitive conditions: it has been generally characterized by a tendency toward concentration of wealth, and, in it’s later phase, by the grown of great corporations, increased governmental control, etc.

Capitalism:  the principles, methods, interests, power, influence, etc. of capitalists, especially of those with large holdings.

Socialism:  any of various theories of systems of the ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution by society or the community rather than by private individuals, with all members of society or the community sharing in the work and the products.

Socialism: the stage of society, in Marxist doctrine, coming between the capitalist stage and the communist stage, in which private ownership of the means of production and distribution has been eliminated.

Communism: any economic theory or system based on the ownership of all property by the community as a whole.

Communism: a hypothetical stage of socialism, as formulated by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and others, to be characterized by a classless and stateless society and the equal distribution of economic goods, and to be achieved by revolutionary and dictatorial, rather than gradualistic, means.

Communism: the form of government in the USSR, China, and other socialist states, professing to be working toward this stage by means of state planning and control of the economy, a one-party political structure, and an emphasis on the requirements of the state rather than on individual liberties

I leave it to your interpretation to decide where we are in  history and where we’re going.

Video – Harlem Rev speaking out on Obama

July 27, 2009

This video has been placed on this site for your convenience.  I neither approve nor condemn what the Rev. Manning says at his church in Harlem because we live in an era of free speech. He’s entitled to his opinion.

He talks about the “first black president” born by a white woman. 

Best put ten minutes I’ve invested in a long time. If you set ten minutes of your time aside to watch this interesting video you won’t be disappointed.

Today, July 27, 2009 President Obama has crested in his approval rating and they continue to slip.

30% of Americans strongly approve of President Obama, while 40% of Americans strongly disapprove. President Obama’s overall approval rating is 49% and his overall disapproval rating is 50%

The Rev. Manning has been sermonizing about Obama since before he became President. He is passionate about his belief (in Obama) and he has numerous videos on YouTube that can be found.

Americans and the amazing Mr. Obama according to a Russian news report OR Is Barry Soetoro not showing his birth certificate making our country a laughing stock around the world?

December 2, 2008

I’ve enjoyed reading news articles coming out of other countries about our recent presidential election. Apparently the other countries don’t regurgitate their stories from the AP like our mainstream press does. Sadly, the other countries seem to be giving more reliable information through the election season than our own press.

The most recent article I read was written by Mark S. McGrew in Pravda out of Russia. He even gives links to substantiate the article. I have to say, the perception of our political scene seems to be more straight forward and honest over there. I also believe other countries hold the same view portrayed in this article:

Titled: Barack: The Amazing Mr. Obama

It begins by describing how truly amazing Mr. Obama is.

Going on to describes how he has managed to create an illusion of a Public Office that does not exist, The Office of the President Elect.

Referring to him as Barry Sotero, AKA Barack Obama, a man with no visible past who was able to  have a lawsuit against him dismissed, three weeks after his non-response was proof that he is not a US citizen.

The article goes on with more reference to more lawsuits that Barry has ignored. The full page ads in the Washington Times as well as the Chicago Tribune asking Obama to prove his citizenship.

Describing how…

Obama promised people what they wanted: Hope and Change, without ever saying what that hope and change were going to be. One of Obama’s much praised abilities is his way of being very articulate in his speeches.

Every con man walking free or in jail is an articulate speaker. Who would give their trust to a man who could not use the right words to convince his targets to trust him? Articulate speaking is no way to judge or rate the integrity of a person.

Every con game uses three ingredients against the target: Sell the dream. Push the greed button. Stress urgency.

…The non-existent Office of the President Elect is the Jack Call. The constant news shots of his “involvement and concern” in national and world issues are the repeated Jack Calls.

It remains to be seen if Barry Sotero, Barack Obama or whatever his name is, is appointed President by the Electoral College.

But beyond all of that controversy, there is one subject in this man’s activities that is truly astounding: There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that his beloved grandmother actually died on the day before the election as his campaign said she did. He said he would attend her funeral “In a few days”. He never did. Then he said he would have a funeral for her around the end of the year. What kind of person keeps their grandmother’s body on ice for two months? What kind of a person would play on the death of his grandmother to win “the sympathy vote”? Where is the proof that she died when she said she did? Normally, we could simply learn from the local coroner of a well known person’s death. But the only public comment made by the Honolulu Medical Examiner, who acts as coroner in Honolulu, Hawaii was, “We didn’t work that case.”

Barack Obama may just win his place in history as the greatest con man of all time. A hundred million people believed him and spent 600 million dollars to get him “elected” to the highest office in America, without ever knowing if he is or is not eligible to even run as an American citizen. It is either amazing that he will pull it off or it is amazing that so many millions of people believed him.

Other countries “get it” about the birth certificate issue. We should be ashamed that we were so gullible – and now – apparently – the laughing stock of the world. Read the whole article here. It’s definitely a MUST read.

Another new press release from “The New American” states…

This story has gained credence, separating it from Internet rumors, because Obama has reputedly hired three law firms (firms, not lawyers) to make sure that no one gets access to his birth records in Hawaii or his college transcripts from Occidental College and Harvard. (It is speculated that the transcripts will show he applied for aid to foreign students.)

Read the entire article here.

Barack Obama and Me

July 8, 2008

Todd Spivak writes an excellent editorial giving his personal account of Barack Obama from a perspective of a journalist just starting out back in 2000. No one really knew who Barack Obama was. Spivak worked half of Obama’s tenure in the same District 13 area of Chicago as a reporter.

Spivak relates his story as a Forrest Gump moment and regrets not having a tape recorder handy. …history was being made.