New York City tow truck trashes SUV

This is an unbelievable video that words just can’t describe. (caution: strong language)

Another video obtained exclusively by CBS 2 shown here, shows two NYC Department of Sanitation trucks cruising down snow-covered 155th Street with their plows raised, etc.

Criminal investigations are now under way as various allegations including sleeping and drinking on the job during snow removal “efforts” surface.

The question remains: Did leaders of the (SEIU) Service Employees-affiliated Sanitation Officers Association order work crews to slack off as a protest against recent City Department of Sanitation budget cuts and demotions?

Who is SEIU? SEIU stands for Service Employees International Union — As the fastest growing union in North America it is 2.2 million members strong. It’s the largest property services union, the largest security union and the second largest union of public service employees. That is to say SEIU represents  members who protect and clean commercial and residential office buildings, private security officers, public safety personnel, local and state government workers, public school employees, bus drivers, and child care providers. SEIU also represents over 1 million health care workers. SEIU represents more immigrant workers than any other union in the United States.

A Federal report issued Feb. 18, 2010 titled, Follow the Money: ACORN, SEIU and their Political Allies was filed shedding light on the questionable misconduct surrounding ACORN.

In part the report states: SEIU and ACORN are substantially intertwined. SEIU and ACORN jointly manage SEIU Local 100; SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana; SEIU Local 21A; SEIU Local 32BJ; SEIU Local 52BJ; SEIU Local 880; and SEIU Local 1199. SEIU aided and encouraged ACORN to put pressure on banks, to use its federally-funded affiliates to target political candidates, and to threaten public officials with litigation. ACORN took the lead in these activities and SEIU was the willing accomplice. The nexus between SEIU and ACORN constituted an agreement between both organizations to engage in fraudulent activities, which ACORN perpetuated through the use of its affiliates.

The report further states: SEIU/ACORN has leveraged its size, influence, and wealth to advance its policies and agendas through a complicated web of political connections, backroom negotiations, public relations, intimidation and litigation. SEIU/ACORN has spent millions of dollars and man hours supporting union friendly federal and state candidates and legislation. These connections are then used to entice employers into neutrality agreements with offers of government subsidies and union concessions.


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