Unemployment extension passes as Senator Bunning walks the walk alone in Congress

MARCH 2, 2010–Throughout the weekend and until this afternoon the news media has been reporting that US Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky is blocking the extension of unemployment benefits to Americans.

A Huffington Post headline read “Jim Bunning Repeatedly Blocks Unemployment Benefits Extension, Tells Dem ‘Tough Shit’

The real story is that US Senator Jim Bunning stood firm on a promise Congress and President Obama made to Americans earlier in February.

That promise was fiscal discipline in the form of pay-as-you-go. The PAYGO Law.

On February 4, 2010 President Obama released a statement from his office declaring that he was pleased that the House of Representatives had passed statutory pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) into law.

Statutory PAYGO would hold us to a simple but bedrock principle: Congress can only spend a dollar if it saves a dollar elsewhere. Mandatory spending increases and tax cuts must be paid for; they’re not free, and borrowing to finance them is not a sustainable long-term policy.

Senator Bunning refused to allow the 30-day unemployment benefits extension to be added into the growing deficit heap. Instead Bunning had proposed the 30-day extension be paid for out of stimulus funds.


He held firm. All alone

The ink was barely dry from the promise of pay-as-you-go fiscal discipline when lawmakers moved forward with business as usual deficit spending to the tune of another $10B.

Bunning held firm with his commitment to the American people.

Today, everything changed.

Bunning issued the following statement on the agreement reached today with Majority Leader Harry Reid to vote tonight on how to pay for extending Unemployment Insurance and other programs.

“I hope Senate Democrats tonight vote for their own pay-fors and show Americans that they are committed to fiscal discipline. I will be watching them closely and checking off the hypocrites one by one.”

Senator Bunning stood firm respecting a commitment Congress had made to the American public.

Senator Bunning stood alone.

View Senator Bunning press releases: Bunning Senate Floor Quotes On Pay For; Bunning Again Tries to Get A Pay-For; and Bunning Floor Statement On Pay-For Agreement.

Thank you Senator Bunning.

There may be some hope and change coming to Washington after all.


3 Responses to Unemployment extension passes as Senator Bunning walks the walk alone in Congress

  1. Larz Bentwick says:

    I am on unemployment and I pray that they pass another extension so I can survive. But I do give Senator Bunning kudos for standing up for his convictions.

    The US Government needs to be responsible for what they spend. Actually, no matter what president put us in the situation, it was the US Government that put us where we are now, not the American people. We should not be penalized with extra taxes to pay for mistakes the government made now and in the past. How about some of these congressmen and senators give back some of the perks they get to help the American people. YEA RIGHT!!!!
    Hey NANCY PELOSI, how is that 757 doing that you bought to bring your sorry ass from California to Washington DC every week.

    Yes, a 757 which carries over 200 people just to carry this hypocrite to work every week.
    The cost in fuel ALONE is $60,000 ONE WAY!!!!
    We are paying $120,000 a week just to fly her sorry ass back and forth, that is fuel ALONE, not to mention the cost of keeping the plane at the airport and the crew members.

    Think about it.

  2. Oh, that PayGo line and talk of fiscal responsibility is SO last month! More recently, the Obama administration is concerned that the American people understand that he is compassionate about our plight and high unemployment.

    It is all about image with Obama. Last month the image is “fiscal responsibility”, this month it is “compassion”.

    Obama is obviously under the impression that American memory does not extend back as far as a week or so, and he has obviously convinced his cronies in Congress that this is indeed the case.

    But I’m guessing American memory will extend at least as far as the November elections.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to post this earlier. For my take on this issue, visit http://tinyurl.com/ylhpfnn.

    Oh, and I am adding you to the blogroll on my blog also. It’s a good site you have here.

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