Passenger reflects on Detroit knicker bomber flight 253

In a firsthand reflection from a passenger of Northwest Airlines flight 253 arriving in Detroit on Christmas day a story much more complex is being told. While the mainstream media sticks to a carefully designed script, there may very well be more to the “knicker bomber” story.

It all started Christmas morning as I scanned my news sources. Under breaking news I read a report that a plane had fallen victim to an attempted terrorist attack.

Then the story was retracted.

About eight hours later an attempted terrorist attack became the lead story on every news venue.

When a news story is released, then retracted, then released later in a fashion that has every news source reading from the same script it piques my interest.

If a person digs enough, there’s always more to the story.

This time it was no different.

It seems Kurt Haskell — a passenger on the flight — is telling his version of the story and it isn’t exactly like the carefully scripted account the mainstream press is reporting.

He recounts the incident firsthand in an exclusive with MLive. He reflects on what he heard when the Nigerian and another man approached the ticket counter at the Amsterdam airport.

He also describes the scene once on the ground in Detroit. While being held at customs, an Indian was handcuffed and removed from the scene after a security canine stopped at his carry-on bag.

Kurt Haskell  is an attorney with Haskell Law Firm in Michigan. Read his personal account of flight 253 at

Other news: See where Department of Homeland Security used its stimulus money


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