Pakistan website displays TSA secrets

A Pakistan website has retrieved and displays TSA (Transportation Security Admin.) security procedures mistakenly released on a US government website.

The story points out instances where security procedures are waved by TSA officials.

The article goes on to display visual samples of the different official ID cards that bypass security measures.

As if that information isn’t damaging enough to our national security it gives a link to download the full 93-page operating manual for viewing.

The manual is used by homeland security transportation screeners in an effort to retain a safe America. The TSA branch of homeland security was formed after the 9/11 attack to prevent any further terrorism attacks.

Feel safe?


2 Responses to Pakistan website displays TSA secrets

  1. John Dawkins says:

    I just needed to say thankyou for putting this on your blog this.

  2. Hey Killer Blog! I found it on Google. Keep up the great work!

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