News of interest 10.21.09

News of interestChinese: Google violating copyrights, authors say (xinhuanet)

News of interestChina’s 2009 GDP growth revised up to 8.2% (xinhuanet)
Note of interest  – Real GDP for the US decreased 2.3 percent in the second quarter, compared with a decrease of 8.6 percent in the first.

News of interestNew video: ACORN sting in Philadelphia (Breitbart TV)

News of interestMore misuse of Federal money (WXVT)

News of interestMouse grounds plane at New York’s JFK (

News of interestCommunity service theme for over 100 television programs (LA Times)

Note of interest – Palin to appear on Oprah November 16

News of interestSpike in Chinese illegally crossing Mexican border (Taiwan News)

News of interestNewest voter fraud in New York (Fox News)

News of interestFinland: first to make broadband Internet access a legal right for all its citizens (PC Mag)

News of interestObama eligibility: dig and suffer severe consequences (Canada Free Press)

News of interestMedical malpractice lawsuit alternative proposed (Injury Board)

News of interestFirst set of guidelines for network interoperability released (Defense News)

News of interestUS pig confirmed with H1N1 virus (CNN)

News of interestH1N1 flu vaccine will arrive too late for most (Washington Times)


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