US District Court receives declaration of Kenyan birth record

An affidavit, along with a copy of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate has been issued to the US District Court (Central District of California, Santa Ana Division). NOTE update at bottom of this post.

The affidavit states  that on February 19, 2009 a visit was made to Coast General Hospital in Mambosa, Kenya. The 29-year-old US citizen states he was accompanied by a natural born citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The affadavit further states that the hospital records had been sealed as the Prime Minister of Kenya Raela Odinga is Barack Obama’s cousin.

The copy of the Coast General Hospital birth certificate was acquired for a cash “consideration” to a Kenyan military officer. The expected key administrative signatures along with the embossed seal are present on the record of birth acquired.

This story, albeit short, was picked up on mainstream news and may be the news story to watch in the following days to come.

UPDATE: Sept. 9, 2009 — The hearing was conducted on Sept. 8. The courtroom was filled to capacity. The judge ordered the hearing be conducted in a larger courtroom to accommodate the crowd.

Friday prior, a late day Motion to Dismiss was issued by the Obama counsel.

There was no visible media turnout. A pending trial date of Jan 11, 2010 has been ordered.


For further reading, see article on Obama’s Kenyan family and article about Obama’s cousin Odinga. A whole category titled “Obama family” can be found on this blog.


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