Public outrage from Americans, “You work for us!”

congressCongress is on break with local town hall meetings on the agenda. All around the country Americans are taking the time to show up with one message on their lips. “You work for us.”

Somehow the vision and obligation towards the very people that pay their salaries has been lost in exchange for arrogance and contempt.

Legislators openly admit the failure to even read what they are enacting as law. The very duty they are entrusted to do.

So, as Americans across the country suffer from job loss, retirement funds evaporating and home values plummeting — if the person is lucky enough to hold on to their home – the outrage towards the government grows.

Americans are seeing endless spending in a time when there is no money. When Americans can barely put food on their tables the government moves forward with no cutbacks – not even symbolically. 

The governments’ financial appetite grows larger, while the taxpayers’ tighten their belts and spend endless hours worrying how they can care for their families.

Always promising to cut spending. Just words. The squander continues.

Like a sleeping giant who has awakened, the outrage for the careless stewardship grows.

The health care insurance bill is what woke the sleeping giant.

While the caretakers were not being forthright with what the bill entailed, the responsibility fell upon the public to listen, read and learn on their own.

With a recent bill that was passed and never read still fresh on the minds of Americans – time was crucial. The powerful, caught in it’s own mantra, urged the bill to be passed swiftly – like it always does.

Americans started reading and spreading the word while the powerful said not to listen. The powerful declared the public to be liars.

When the cries of outrage became deafening the powerful said to turn in anyone that says something “fishy.”

The giant woke up.

Sadly, the “spin” is that this outrage has one name. Republicans.

This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. This is about America. The outrage is coming from Americans. Americans who love their country.

The town hall meetings started with Americans firmly telling the stewards, “you work for us.”

The powerful urged it’s “own” to push back. Harder and louder it declared! The powerful told it’s goons to bring a gun to the knife fight. As if Stalin himself spoke “Silence them!”

Americans’ reaction was of shock and disbelief. After all, this is America. The country that boasts the right of free speech.

The swell of dissidents recoiled in horror as the powerful accused THEM of being nazis. The powerful, knowing how to tame the crowd always knows the words that need to be said to spank them back. Put them on the defense. Spank them back.

The town hall meetings have become violent with the powerfully planted goons who are now infiltrating the once vocal yet — non violent meetings.

Pushing, shoving, and even striking their adversaries in an attempt to silence, bring press coverage and send the “message” to others who may have ideas of dissent to the powerful.

The giant has been wakened and he has something to say.



Read another great commentary entitled, Playing poker with a cheat.

Read the letter from U.S. Sen. John Cornyn to the President regarding the “fishy” activities program.

The question every American should ask himself:
Do you believe the government has enough of your tax money to accomplish what it needs to do?


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