Video – Harlem Rev speaking out on Obama

This video has been placed on this site for your convenience.  I neither approve nor condemn what the Rev. Manning says at his church in Harlem because we live in an era of free speech. He’s entitled to his opinion.

He talks about the “first black president” born by a white woman. 

Best put ten minutes I’ve invested in a long time. If you set ten minutes of your time aside to watch this interesting video you won’t be disappointed.

Today, July 27, 2009 President Obama has crested in his approval rating and they continue to slip.

30% of Americans strongly approve of President Obama, while 40% of Americans strongly disapprove. President Obama’s overall approval rating is 49% and his overall disapproval rating is 50%

The Rev. Manning has been sermonizing about Obama since before he became President. He is passionate about his belief (in Obama) and he has numerous videos on YouTube that can be found.


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