Study urges ban on military tobacco sales

Military personnel who buy cigarettes may lose their tobacco discount or ability to purchase cigarettes at military grocery stores altogether. The recommendation comes from a newly released report from the Institute of Medicine.

Funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the  study reports that over 30 percent of soldiers use tobacco — a much higher rate than Americans overall, which is estimated around 20 percent.

In a bold move toward the ban of military smoking altogether the study recommended:  “stop selling tobacco products in military commissaries and exchanges. Until accomplishing that, DoD should at the very least sell tobacco products at prices equal to those in local civilian retail stores.”

Cigarette tax is big business across this country.

As recently as January, the federal government imposed an additional 62 cents for a total of $1.01 tax on each package of cigarettes to help fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) that was signed into law in February.

State cigarette taxes across the country range from a low of seven cents to as high as $2.75 per pack.

San Francisco will be imposing a “butt tax” starting October 1. A proposed 20-cent per pack “surcharge” will be imposed to generate revenue for discarded butt clean-up.

With the temptation to buy smokes from mail order, Indian reservations or crossing state lines in an attempt for cheaper cigarettes, the House of Representatives introduced a bill that would prevent tobacco smuggling and ensure the collection of all tobacco taxes. (read the entire article here)

The effort directed towards a tobacco-free military results in a win/win. Military personnel will be healthier, while banning tobacco sales in military grocery stores for this high segment of smokers in our country may tighten the last gap for tobacco tax collection.

Editorial comment: The win/win is for the government. The rediculous non-smoking movement moves forward and more taxes will be captured.

The non-smoking movement fails to inform the public that the number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers is radon. It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer overall in America. Causing no immediate health symptoms, it is silent, odorless and unable to see in your home, it doesn’t gather the attention that “stinky” cigarette  smoke does. Read about it here.


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