Read the House Resolution honoring Michael Jackson and other obscure news for the day

Obscure news for today include the Resolution text introduced by the House of Representatives to honor Michael Jacksons life. Also,  the obscure finds today are: A Chevron pipeline was destroyed and new legislation that will not only regulate how crops are raised and harvested but would have the ability to quarantine geographic areas. Much more. Read on…

Read the Michael Jackson House Resolution — Honoring an American legend and musical icon [read it on this site]

U.S. presses Japan on beef, insurance trade barriers — Japan, which ran a $72.7 billion trade surplus with the United States in 2008, was the number one market for U.S. beef before it banned imports in December 2003, after the first case of mad cow disease was found in the United States [read it at Reuters]

Hong Kong tests RFID for product authentication — A GS1 Hong Kong-led project uses UHF EPC tags to allow consumers to verify that goods purchased at Hong Kong International Airport are not counterfeit [read it at RFID Journal]

John Weibel: Food Safety Enhancement Act gives too much power — The proposed bill HR 2479 gives the FDA the power to quarantine a geographic area [read it at Steamboat Pilot & Today]

Chevron pipe ‘destroyed’ in Niger Delta: militants — Nigerian militants said on Monday they destroyed a Chevron oil pipeline junction in the latest attack on Nigeria’s key money earner since the government offered an amnesty [read it at BBC News]

Ex-Goldman employee charged with computer code theft — The U.S. Justice Department arrested a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. employee and charged him with stealing computer codes related to the firm’s high-speed trading platform [read it at Wall Street Journal]

Fraudulent passport numbers leap — The United Kingdom’s Home Office has admitted that 9,256 fraudulent passports were granted in the last two years [read it at Public Service]

TSA agent arrested after avoiding screening in New Jersey — authorities say she avoided a pre-flight screening and boarded a plane [read it at Kansas]

Man found with bomb — Police arrested a man early Saturday who had a bomb in a backpack that he may have been preuse at a school in the area, officials said [read it at the Post Star]

U.S. Navy reorganizes staff to focus on cyber — A new U.S. Navy staff reorganization is expected to beef up the service’s ability to defend its computer and communications networks, as well as exploit and attack an enemy’s systems, by combining intelligence and information technology operations under a new Fleet Cyber Command (FLTCYBERCOM) [read it at Defense News]

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