Taiwan activists protest over relaxation of US beef imports and more obscure news

Today, while scanning the net, I’ve run across more obscure news. The announcement of three new apple patents; Taiwan citizen reaction to relaxed US beef imports since imposing restrictions because of mad cow; paying for goods at stores with your phone and more. Read on…

Apple files 3 patent on haptic feedback, biometrics and RFID detection  — Apple, the iPhone-maker, filed a patent application for developing technology that would present non-visual feedback when a person touches the screen of a laptop…  two other patent applications, one for technology use of biometrics to spot fingerprints and the other for a radio-frequency recognition reader, have been submitted by Apple [read it at Top News]

Pay-with-your-phone startup raises $8 million — Bling’s RFID-based mobile payments program, Redi Pay Bling, allows users in the U.S. to pay for goods in stores with their phones [read it at Business Insider] (ed. note: asia is already doing this)

U.S. to Donate Drug to Combat Swine Flu — The United States will donate 420,000 packets of the antiviral drug Tamiflu to the Pan-American Health Organization to help fight the swine flu pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean, federal health officials said Thursday [read it at New York Times]

Activists protest over relaxation of US beef imports — Taiwan has recently come under strong lobbying from the United States to resume imports of all US beef products. Since 2006 Taiwan has only allowed the import of boneless beef from cattle under 30 months old following outbreaks of BSE, or mad cow disease [read it at Radio Taiwan International]

Data mining: how retailers are fighting thieves and fraudsters — From people ‘forgetting’ to pay for goods to employee fraud, stores are using sophisticated software to target and deter shoplifters [read it at Guardian.co.uk]

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If you’ve seen an obscure news article that deserves more readership –shoot me an e-mail at WillNeverGiveUp [at] Live.com


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