“Do you earn more than a teacher?” and other obscure news for July 1

Obscure news for July 1st includes an article published stating that the US DOD mistakenly transferred intercontinental ballistic missile parts to Taiwan. More great articles given little media attention…

Do you earn more than a teacher? — No one seems to dispute the argument that school teachers are underpaid – but no one outside the education system seem to know how much they make [read it at the Examiner]

GAO: Arms sales program still flawed — In March 2008, the Department of Defense disclosed that it mistakenly transferred intercontinental ballistic missile parts to Taiwan through a U.S. program that sells pre-approved defense articles and services to foreign governments  [read it at Military.com]

‘Hacker’s hacker’ from San Francisco pleads guilty in $86 million fraud — A mild-mannered computer geek people once believed could do no wrong admitted Monday to stealing nearly 2 million credit card numbers, which he and others used to rack up more than $86 million in fraudulent charges [read it at Pittsburgh Live]

DOJ opposes antitrust immunity for Continental – According to the Justice Department, Continental and United plan to sell seats on each other’s U.S. flights, combine customer lounges, consolidate operations at airports… [read it at RTTnews]

Tom Davis says he doesn’t want cyber-coordinator job – “For this job to work you’d better get some understandings up front, if you’re the cyber czar and you want to have any clout in this,” Davis said [read it at Federal Computer Week]

China remains spam haven due to ‘bulletproof’ hosting —  An overwhelming majority of Web sites promoted through spam are hosted in China at service providers that many times choose to ignore complaints and allow illegal activity, according to research from the University of Alabama [read it at PC World]

Vontae Davis identity theft incident is another reminder for athletes — Identity theft and fraud affected nearly 10 million Americans last year at a cost of more than $48 billion, according to Javelin Strategy & Research [read it at Palm Beach Post]

AF tests missile in launch from Calif. Coast – It’s an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile [read it at Air Force Times]

Unclear what happens to personal info with Clear  — Hundreds of thousands of people relinquished their personal information for faster passage through TSA – now the company holding your info is out of business – do you need to worry? [read it at Mercury News]

Pro-Iranian regime hackers invade U.S. computers — Hackers posted a caustic message telling the U.S. President to mind his own business and stop talking about the disputed Iranian election on a U.S. university home page on June 24. Attempts to access the Oregon University System’s Web site were automatically redirected to another page… [read it at Enterprise Security Today]

Drowning of the Mississippi Delta due to insufficient sediment supply and global sea-level rise – LSU researchers have concluded that  Coastal restoration projects doomed to fail . Even under best-case scenarios for building massive engineering projects to restore Louisiana’s dying coastline, the Mississippi River can not possibly feed enough sediment into the marshes to prevent ongoing catastrophic land loss, two Louisiana State University (LSU) geologists conclude [read it at nature.com]

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