June 23 news that no one is talking about

Todays obscure news ranges from new discoveries for dieters to another near miss airline crash, lost airline revenue from swine flu, Korea’s marriage rules to be tighter than America’s and much more for June 23!

Microsoft caps free security software downloads – Microsoft will limit the number of downloads for the beta of Windows Security Essentials, its new free antivirus software, when it posts the program later today [read it at ComputerWorld]

Registered Traveler program, RIP — Verified Identity Pass, which operated its Clear program in eighteen airports, shut operations at every airport early this morning. More than 250,000 frequent fliers who pay $200 a year to speed through airport security lines lost that privilege yesterday [read it at Homeland Security Newswire]

Ken Hechler; Daryl Hannah arrested at mine protest — The group of several hundred were protesting mountaintop mining and a coal silo location near Marsh Fork Elementary in the Coal River Valley, West Virginia [read it at wboy.com]

Court: Man accused in boss’ suicide can be charged — Christopher Baron, 33, is accused of prompting Mark Fisher’s suicide by forwarding e-mails indicating that Fisher was having an affair. The e-mails were sent to about 10 people, including Fisher’s wife [read it at the Chicago Tribune]

German authorities warn of swine flu mutation risk — Germany’s federal agency for infectious diseases said on Tuesday there were signs the H1N1 swine flu virus had started to mutate and warned it could spread in the coming months in a more aggressive form [read it at Reuters]

Fatty foods — not empty stomach — fire up hunger hormone — New research led by the University of Cincinnati (UC) suggests that the hunger hormone ghrelin is activated by fats from the foods we eat—not those made in the body—in order to optimize nutrient metabolism and promote the storage of body fat [read it at ScienceDaily]

FPL wants to store waste above ground in tanks — Florida Power & Light has requested a zoning change from the county that would allow them to store nuclear waste in above ground containers at its Turkey Point facility [read it at CBS4]

Zicam lawsuit — Side effects of Zicam Nasal Gel and Nasal Swabs, marketed as an over-the-counter cold remedy, have been associated with the loss of sense of smell and taste [read it at AboutLawsuits.com]

Morning milk helps eat less at lunchtime — Researchers in Australia found that drinking fat free milk in the morning helped increase satiety, or a feeling of fullness, and led to decreased calorie intake at the next meal [read it at huliq.com]

Plane, vehicle near a collision — An airplane hurtling down a runway at Logan Airport on June 18 narrowly averted colliding with a construction vehicle that strayed into an unauthorized area, triggering a federal investigation and halting all construction at one of the country’s busiest airports [read it at Boston.com]

Korea to toughen rules on international marriages  — Foreigners seeking to marry Koreans may have to submit health and criminal record documents before being granted visas … as early as this year, the Office of the Prime Minister said Monday [read it at KoreaTimes]

Personal data exposed on web site — Personal data including the signatures of recipients has been exposed to those tracking deliveries on the Parcelforce Web site, the BBC has discovered [read it at bbc.co.uk]

Delta: Swine flu will trim revenue by $250M — Delta Air Lines Inc. said the H1N1(swine flu) virus will have a $250 million impact on its earnings this year, the Associated Press reports [read it at bizjournals.com]

Obama: Where have all his records gone? — Footprints of president’s own history either vanish or remain covered up [read it at WorldNetDaily]


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