Interesting news for June 18

Alot of interesting news for June 18. Todays’ news covers a discovery of a new strain of the flu, cocaine smuggling in sharks, the F-22, US cattle quarantined and much more! 

FDA taking steps to improve contact lens safety — To support proper cleaning and storage of contact lenses, the FDA has developed a new video on contact lens safety [read it on this site]

New strain of swine flu found — BRAZILIAN scientists have identified a new strain of the H1N1 virus after examining samples from a patient in Sao Paulo, a research institute says. The variant has been called A/Sao Paulo/1454/H1N1 [see it at Perth Now]

Cocaine haul found in frozen sharks — Mexico’s navy has seized more than a ton of cocaine stuffed inside frozen sharks, as drug gangs under military pressure go to greater lengths to conceal narcotics bound for the United States [see photos & read it at Weekly World News]

Microsofts is gaining popularity fast — Features that make searching more convenient include the video search result — when you scroll over a video result in Bing, the video will start playing in the same preview size [try this new search engine at ]

City clubs 37,500 dogs to death — Officials in a northern Chinese city have clubbed 37,500 dogs to death since May to contain an outbreak of rabies amid an online outcry over animal cruelty [read it at Perth Now]

Air Force ready for F-22 expert version – The Air Force is prepared to create a version of the F-22 Raptor that the U.S. could sell to foreign countries if it gets the go-ahead from Congress and the State Department, according to one of the service’s top acquisition officers [read it at Air Force Times]

32 herds quarantined because of Bovine TB fears — Concerns about bovine tuberculosis (TB) have led to the quarantine of 32 cattle herds with about 15,000 adult cattle in north-central Nebraska, officials said [read it at USAgnet]
Proper training, guidelines lacking at many VA clinics: report — Surprise inspections at 42 Veterans Affairs clinics across the United States revealed that fewer than half had proper training and guidelines for colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures, says a report by the VA inspector general [read it at HealthDay]

Fort Collins tornado alert system fails – An estimated 100,000 phone numbers and e-mail addresses did not receive the notification from the city that would have alerted those in the south-central part of the city [read it at the Coloradoan]

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