June 17 obscure news

Alot of great stories today. On June 17 I’ve found such things as a semi full of ammonium nitrate stolengeese slated to lose lives  for human air travel, future nuclear plants must withstand airliner crash, Nigerian rebels say they destroyed Chevron’s facility, China/US Navy “accident” questionable and a look at “that” administration versus “this” administration when releasing a news story. Great reads — all of them!

New strain of swine flu found — BRAZILIAN scientists have identified a new strain of the H1N1 virus after examining samples from a patient in Sao Paulo, a research institute says. The variant has been called A/Sao Paulo/1454/H1N1 [see it at Perth Now]

Police: Identity theft involves purchase of house in Davenport — Police say someone using the Social Security number of a Des Moines woman has obtained credit cards for two stores and has purchased a home in Davenport [read it at Des Moines Register]

Then and now — I did a little digging to see what the press reported under the same conditions — but a different president. I attached both articles for your amusement.  Data showing significantly higher cancer risks for US residents near coal-fired power plant ash dump sites were hidden for years by Bush Administration and today an article comes out stating locations of high-risk coal ash sites kept secret by Obama. Read both articles side by side to view the different reporting techniques used by the media. In the first article Bush is hiding information concerning citizen health. In the Obama article it’s being withheld for our own safety.

Process begins to define “meaningful use” of electronic health records — Building on the historic $19 billion investment provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act), efforts continued today to further the national adoption and implementation of health information technology (HIT) [read it at HHS.gov]

Michelle Obama: Government alone can’t rebuild[read it at Forbes]

White House revives FutureGen plant, will build it in Illinois — The U.S. Energy Secretary on June 12 said that his agency has reached an agreement with a group of coal producers, electric utilities and other companies to build a 275-MW coal-fired power plant equipped with carbon capture and storage technology in Matoon, Illinois [read it at Platts.com]

83 percent support checking voters’ photo ID — Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Justice said the State of Georgia cannot check driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers to verify the citizenship of prospective voters. most Americans disagree with the Justice Department ruling according to a survey conducted [read it at fox news]

Stolen semi full of ammonium nitrate stopped in Kenly — The North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Homeland Security officials have arrested a man who they say stole a tractor trailer filled with ammonium nitrate. The truck was carrying an undisclosed amount of the chemical compound ammonium nitrate, which is commonly used as a fertilizer in farming [read it at NewsObserver.com]

DHS announces nearly $1.8 billion in fiscal year 2009 preparedness grants — U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano announced today nearly $1.8 billion in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) preparedness grants designed to help states, urban areas, tribal governments and non-profit agencies improve their readiness by enhancing protection, prevention, response and recovery capabilities for all disasters [read it on Homeland Security website]

Ohio has second-biggest hit from GM dealer closings — GM has notified 1,323 dealerships that they will not have their franchise agreement renewed, though it isn’t disclosing individual dealers. Pennsylvania has the most closures with 90, followed by Ohio with 79 [read it at BizJournals]

Congress is urged to add bankruptcy judgeships in the face of near-record case levels — Congress is told that the federal courts need additional bankruptcy judgeships in the face of near-record case levels to alleviate overcrowded dockets and to ensure that the bankruptcy system operates efficiently [read it at UScourts.gov]

Latest China-U.S. Navy incident with destroyer USS John S. McCain is part of rising trend – China has called the latest collision between Chinese and U.S. naval vessels an accident, but many of the elements echo previous altercations that have raised concerns that China’s navy is growing increasingly aggressive in its patrols of the waters off its coast [read it at Cleveland.com]

Edison to decommission coal-fired Nevada power plant – The owners of the shuttered Mohave Generating Station in Laughlin, Nevada, said on June 10 that they will decommission the coal-fired power plant that once supplied electricity to 1.5 million homes [read it at the Native Times]

Nigerian rebels say they destroyed Chevron’s facility — Nigerian rebels said they destroyed the Abiteye oil-pumping station run by Chevron Corp. in the Niger River delta, in the third attack on the company’s facilities in the past three days [read it at Bloomberg]

New nuclear plants must withstand aircraft crash — The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) published a final rule in the Federal Register Friday to require all new nuclear power reactors to design their facilities to withstand the impact of a large airplane [read it at HStoday.us]

Credit Union users target of text scam — The UVA Credit Union is warning customers about a text message scam targeting their accounts. Credit union officials say the bogus text message claims that a member’s debit card has been blocked and that they need to call a phone number to verify their information [read it at NBC29.com]

New York to gas geese near airports —  The hunt will take place during summer molting season when the geese can’t fly  [read it at LiveScience.com]

Horses quarantined in Raytown: potentially fatal disease confirmed at Raytown Equestrian Park — Missouri State agriculture officials have issued a quarantine order for the Raytown Equestrian Park. A seven-year-old quarter horse stabled at the facility tested positive for equine piroplasmosis, a potentially fatal disease, officials said [read it at KCTV5.com]

Connecticut man arrested for threatening Obama — Police say the 39-year-old suspect pulled up to an Enfield auto dealership where a film crew was shooting and spoke with people there. During the conversation, the suspect allegedly made comments about the President, saying that somebody should kill him [read it at MyStateline.com]

Busted: international telephone hacking conspiracy — An indictment was unsealed on June 12 against three individuals who allegedly hacked into the telephone systems of large corporations and entities in the United States and abroad and sold information about the compromised telephone systems to Pakistani nationals residing in Italy [read it at DarkReading.com]

Library Journal’s notable federal government documents  — Each year, Library Journal (LJ) selects what it considers to be the most notable Government documents published by Federal, state, and local governments [see the list at US Gov bookstore]

See links to obscure news from days past


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