FDA taking steps to improve contact lens safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to improve contact lens safety by reminding consumers of the importance of following proper cleaning and storing procedures. Consumers who do not follow instructions for contact lens care and use increase their risk of serious eye infections that can lead to blindness.

The FDA has developed a new video on contact lens safety,  along with an in-depth Consumer Update article. The video and the article stress the importance of emptying the solution out of the contact lens case after each use and using the rub-and-rinse method for added effectiveness.

Other important lens care tips include:

o Do not top off or reuse lens cleaning solution;

o Use a contact lens solution to clean, rinse, and then air dry contact lens cases after each use;

o Do not expose contact lenses or lens storage cases to any type of water or other non-sterile solutions.

Read more about FDA information on contact lens safety and FDA consumer update on contact lens safety.


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