News not widely reported for June 16

Some great news articles not widely reported for June 16 includes the Department of Homeland Security network getting hacked, online poker transactions seized by the feds, facial recognition program used at DMV nets criminals, the ongoing Presidential eligibility billboard campaign, drug dealer reports from the DOJ.  Enjoy the read!

Will Web poker bust spark fight or flight? — The federal government’s recent seizure of millions of dollars from bank accounts used to process online poker transactions is sending shock waves through the Internet gambling community [read it at the Las Vegas Sun]

Homeland Security Information Network suffers intrusions — The files that were accessed contained administrative data such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of state and federal employees [read it at Federal Computer Week]

ID thieves caught by DMV software — Two people have been charged with identity theft after facial recognition software caught them. One person had a Nevada identification card under a false name since 2003. His records were flagged after he was photographed for a change in his real license earlier this year. The other held a commercial driver’s license under a false name since 2006 and worked as a driver in Las Vegas. His records were discovered when he applied for a non-commercial instruction permit under his real name [read it at Nevada Appeal]

Hundreds of school and government websites hacked to sell Viagra and pornography — The websites were affected in different ways. Some contained inappropriate links on their home pages and others in different sections of their sites. Hackers are motivated by the money they can earn from porn sites by boosting their traffic [read it at the]

Record-breaking trousers — Forty-four people and almost two kilometres of fabric were needed to make the 60 metre long trousers [see video and read it at]

Grassroots sign onto eligibility billboard campaign – A national billboard campaign focused on putting the question “Where’s The Birth Certificate” in front of President Barack Obama and voters wherever it can [See the photos and read it at world net daily]

Drug dealers’ secrets revealed in Justice Department reports — Drug Market Analyses examine the market dynamics and the trafficking, distribution, and abuse patterns associated with dangerous drugs within United States high intensity drug trafficking areas [read it at the Department of Justice website]

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