June 12 obscure news

Todays obscure news for June 12 revolves around Obama personally firing the Inspector General who investigated an AmeriCorps recipient, new cell phone technology, pandemic announcement and a cancer drug for dogs. enjoy!

Obama fires AmeriCorps’ IG who investigated Kevin Johnson – After investigating his nonprofit group, Federal investigators cited that federal funds were used to pay volunteers to run personal errands, political activities and even wash Johnson’s car   [read it at the Examiner]

Nokia phones could use ambient radio waves as power — The Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge, UK is currently working on a phone prototype that can harness ambient radio waves otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation from antennas, TV masts, WiFi transmitters among others as a source of power [read it at PCmag.Com]

 Swine flu fans first Pandemic since 1968, WHO says — WHO’s director-general, moved the alert to the top of the agency’s six-stage pandemic scale thursday on evidence the virus is spreading in communities outside the Americas [read it at Bloomberg.Com]

FDA approves cancer drug for dogs, too — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the first cancer drug for dogs [read it at ScientificAmerican.Com]


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