Offbeat news for June 11

The obscure news for today, June 11, include prostitution, acid attacks, hacking, catching a missile,  and police funding

Check out the new Microsoft search engine — more people are using it every day  [check out here]

Sheriff hires two ex-prostitutes to get information on pimps – To help counter prostitution throughout Cook County, two former ladies of the night are on the county payroll [read it at]

SETX Congressman says Chrysler closures appear politically motivated — A Southeast Texas U.S. Congressman says Chrysler auto dealership closings appear to be chosen based on what party a dealership’s owner donated money to in the last election. “Campaign contributions appear to be the common thread in all of these ordered closures. That’s some coincidence,” said Poe [read it at KBMT12News]

Fisherman hooks air-to-air guided missile — True to fisherman form, Mr Salomon had several versions of his tale prepared for various media outlets [read it at]

Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites — A large internet service provider said data for as many as 100,000 websites was destroyed by attackers [read it at TheRegister]

Judge denies bond in prison identity theft scam — An elaborate sceme using prisoner and large company information to create false W2 forms and tax returns
that netted 87 tax return checks of oer $400,000 [read it at Augusta Chronicle]

Greensboro police awarded $950,000 DOJ grant – The money will be used to equip 30 new police officers [read it at News-Record.Com]

Hong Kong police investigate acid attacks –Nearly 100 people have been injured in the assaults so far [read it at]

Marine reservist at Camp Pendleton to plead guilty to leaking secrets –Allegedly leaking  information about suspected terrorist groups to civilian law enforcement agencies [read it at LA Times]

DPS trying to catch up after virus, new design – Five days worth of driver’s license production was lost as a result of a “worm” that infected computers at the Texas Department of Public Safety [read it at Dallas News]

From Willnevergiveup archives: Emergency Rescue Bill – Your dollars redirected

United States dependent areas: American Samoa, Baker Island, Guam, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Wake Island

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