June 9 offbeat news

Obscure news found on June 9 include topics of Alzheimer’s, ID theft, medical technology, mandate for livestock, military, GM, Obama, flu virus, computer virus

Recent worldwide swine flu update [read it at this site]

Federal livestock ID proposal riles smaller producers, Colorado congresswoman – The push to mandate a national animal ID system claims to stem livestock disease outbreaks by tagging and tracking every cow, hog and lamb in America — even many of the chickens [read it at DenverPost.Com]

Mice injected with Alzheimer’s cast new light on dementia  — Scientists have found that harmful tangles of proteins that cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be transmitted from one brain to another [read it at Guardian.co.uk]

Grab Networks helps firms get data—and money out of online video  — Grab Networks, formed from the merger of Anystream and Voxant in 2008, sees extraordinary growth opportunities in its solutions for turning digital video content into dollars [read it at TechJournalSouth]

RadarFind introduces customized RFID tag to track medical telemetry devices – a patented enterprise-wide Real Time Location System (RTLS) for tracking medical equipment and patients … the first of its kind in the RTLS industry [read it at BusinessWire.Com]

Sensitive military technology easily bought and sent to foreign countries – An undercover investigation by a federal watchdog group showed how ineffective laws and poor enforcement of procurement regulations allow companies to purchase sensitive military technologies for export to possible terrorist groups and foreign governments [read it at NextGov.Com]

GM sale won’t affect military Humvees — The Army is assuring people that General Motors’ deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese company has nothing to do with the military version of the rugged vehicle [read it at AirForceTimes.Com]

ATM malware lets criminals steal data and cash – There seem to be early indications that the malware initially found on ATMs in Eastern Europe and elsewhere that allows criminals to steal account data and PINs and even empty the machine of its cash is headed to the U.S. [read it at CnetNews]

Man accused of threatening Obama’s life – The Secret Service have filed an affidavid against a man who allegedly made a threat about Obama to a teller at Bank where he withdrew cash [read it at UPI.Com]

Computer virus invades Rensselaer County offices – After crippling 200 desktop computers and 20 servers, Computers are getting scrubbed at a county office building in New York to rid it of the viruses that have hacked into the system [read it atWNYT.Com]

Phishing attack hits Microsoft Outlook users – the message asks users to re-configure their e-mail account by clicking a link that leads to a phishing website  [read it at Switched.Com]

Internet’s root zone to be secured – The U.S. government has announced its plans to sign the Internet’s root zone digitally by the end of the year  [read it at Homeland Security Newswire] http://homelandsecuritynewswire.com/single.php?id=8089

From Willnevergiveup archives:  Supreme Court ruling on identity theft

United States fact: The 2008 estimated US death rate is 8.27 deaths/1,000 population [source: CIA]

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