June 7 obscure news

Breaking down the NBA draft historically by position, class and year – taking a step back to analyze how this year’s class and those before it fit together demographically [read it at DraftExpress.com]

Firm to give D.C. information about its voting devices — Primary night election netted more ballots than there were voters, resulting in thousands of phantom votes from Sequoia Voting Systems machines. The probe could enhance calls for a return to paper ballots nationwide or, at the very least, a paper trail [read it at WashingtonPost.com]

Audit slams largest AmeriCorps program — Inspector general says up to $75 million should be returned; Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) says no. [read it at YouthToday.Com]

Rep. Bachmann builds on-line grassroots support for new Anti-ACORN bill — Thousands of Americans are expressing support via an on-line petition for new legislation that would block taxpayer funding for organizations with a criminal history such as the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) [read it at WashingtonExaminer.Com]

US accuses pair of spying for Cuba — The US justice department said Walter Myers, 72, and his wife Gwendolyn Myers, 71, had been clandestine agents for Cuba for 30 years. This story exceeds any “spy” novel expectations [read it at aljazeera.net]

Hacker ‘Dark Tangent’ joins DHS Advisory Council – Jeff Moss, aka “Dark Tangent” and the former hacker behind the annual DefCon hacker confab in Las Vegas, was one of 16 people sworn in by the Homeland Security Secretary for cyber security [read it at Wired.Com]

Cut by Chrysler, 8 Dallas-area dealers wind down sales — “Gettin’ Outta Dodge” banners mostly mask the sense of betrayal at Frank Kent Dodge in Fort Worth.  Eliminating about a fourth of its dealers nationwide, the 789 dealerships are supposed to cease operations Tuesday  [read it at DallasNews.Com]

Former DA convicted of forgery, ID theft — Claiming to have power of attorney for his grown daughter,  he bought a car, took out a mortgage, secured a loan – then filed bankruptcy on her behalf. After a four day trial, a conviction resulted in 35 of 39 felony charges. [read it at leadrtelegram.com]

From Willnevergiveup archives: The death of polo horses – why it’s important to mind that decimal point

Obscure United States fact: Comparative area of the United States is about half the size of Russia; about three-tenths the size of Africa; about half the size of South America (or slightly larger than Brazil); slightly larger than China; more than twice the size of the European Union [source: CIA]

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