Offbeat news found on June 4

Below is the offbeat news found on June 4.

Camera surveillance moves towards “secondary” capture of vehicle violations – Initially, we started seeing red light cameras posted at busy intersections in cities to curb dangerous behavior. Now the cameras are being set up to catch “secondary infractions” in a town that is known for being biometric database hub [read it at the examiner]

Former School official indicted in bribery conspiracy –The Department of Justice has announced an indictment charging a former school superintendent with conspiring with the owner of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to sign a three-year Internet service contract with the ISP in exchange for receipt of $60,000 in free goods and services. [read it on this site]

Updated worldwide swine flu figures — seen here [redirect on this site]

Thousands of web sites stung by mass hacking attack — Up to 40,000 Web sites have been hacked to redirect unwitting victims to another Web site that tries to infect PCs with malicious software, according to security vendor Websense [read it at PCWorld.Com]

How GM’s bankruptcy affects you — With the biggest bankruptcy filing ever by a U.S. manufacturer come big questions for General Motors Corp. vehicle owners, workers and retirees [read it at LATimes.Com]

Justice Dept. rejects Ga. prevote citizenship checks  — The Justice Department has rejected Georgia’s system of checking whether prospective voters are citizens  [read it at the]

Experian gets early judgment in lawsuit against LifeLock — LifeLock has been blocked by a court ruling from setting fraud alerts for customers through Experian credit-reporting agency [read it at WiredPRNews.Com]

Famke Janssen returning to ‘Nip/Tuck’ — Famke Janssen has cut a deal to reprise her role as gender-bending sociopath [read it at EW.Com]

From Willnevergiveup archives: Predominantly Black Institution Act
Obscure United States fact: The US admitted 62,643 refugees during FY04/05 including; 10,586 (Somalia); 8,549 (Laos); 6,666 (Russia); 6,479 (Cuba); 3,100 (Haiti); 2,136 (Iran) (2006) [source: CIA]

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