June 1 obscure news

Obscure news uncovered for June 1:

Twitter API ripe for abuse by Web worms – A security researcher says it’s much easier to misuse the Twitter API as a “weak link” to send worms squirming through Twitter [read it at ZDNet]

AT&T: Smartphones choke networks — AT&T (T) Chief Executive said … U.S. wireless networks aren’t prepared for the surge in smartphone use that has already shown signs of choking their networks [read it at Dow Jones Newswires]

Kan. zoo: Lion escaped after door left open – A female lion was shot and killed when it became aggressive as authorities tried to recapture it. The 150-pound lion escaped after a zookeeper mistakenly left a door open [read the AP story at KOAMtv.com]

Reactor leak halts Canada isotope output – A Canadian nuclear reactor that produced about a third of the world’s supply of medical isotopes has halted operation for three months due to a heavy water leak, authorities said. The reactor is about 50 years old [read the Agence France-Presse story on Google]

Bio-labs cyber threats ignored? – The Defense Science Board visited various military laboratories that conduct research on dangerous biological agents and determined that the labs have not adequately considered cyber threat. Two labseither had wireless or wired remote access to their control systems [read it at Next Gov]

From Willnevergiveup archives: Move over AIG: Make room for the Postal Service and HR 22

Fun fact: The US elevation extremes are Death Valley (lowest point -86 m) and Mount McKinley (highest point 6,198 m)

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