May 31 obscure news

My May 31 daily jaunt  renders these interesting articles for those of you too busy to sift through the internet for the “obscure.”

Shots from range hit near Md. nuclear plant – Stray bullets shattered glass and struck a command center near the plant’s reactors were caused by a SWAT team exercise being conducted on the secured grounds of the nuclear power plant [read it at WashingtonPost.Com]

FDA provides new standards for bottled water –  With rules going into effect December, 1, the $11 billion bottled water industry will have to eliminate any causes of fecal contamination in water sources before they can bottle the water for sale. Water that goes into bottles is already tested for coliform and fecal contamination, but the water source itself was not previously required to be tested [read it from Dow Jones Newswire]

Snake Caused Power Outage Northern Kentucky –  Eleven thousand homes and businesses lost power when two transmission lines unexpectedly failed. Remains of a snake inside a piece of equipment was discovered in a substation  [read it at Local12.Com]

Testing on track for GE Rolls-Royce F136 engine – The engine is the alternative to the Pratt and Whitney primary engine slated for use in the F35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter. The F136 engine could be flying in an F35 in 2011 if all goes according to plan. Expected to be the primary combat aircraft for all branches of the U.S. Military, the F35 Lightning Joint Strike are being developed by primary contractor Lockheed Martin [read it at Aero-News.Net]

Number of problem U.S. banks soars – In a 15-year high, the number of problem U.S. banks has seen a 40 percent jump in the first three months of this year. A total of 305 banks had financial woes in the first quarter [read it at BBC News]

Police: boy had incendiary device at airport – A 12-year-old was taken into custody at the Denver International Airport after allegedly trying to take an incendiary device through a security checkpoint in a backpack [read the AP story on Google.Com]

Phone scam targets all 22,000 residents of Connecticut town – The entire town of Guilford, Connecticut have received an automated call on their land line telephones claiming to be from the Guilford Savings Bank. The automated female voice prompted those on the other end of the line to enter bank card and PIN numbers, along with their card’s expiration date [read it at WMGT.Com]

Rice researchers to test ‘nanorust’ technology in Mexico — Rice University will begin testing a low-cost technology for removing arsenic from drinking water in Guanajuato, Mexico, a city located 230 miles northwest of Mexico City later this year. [read it at Houston Business Journal]

From Willnevergiveup archives: Congress, Cuba and the Postal Service

Fun fact: The US is about half the size of Russia; about three-tenths the size of Africa; about half the size of South America (or slightly larger than Brazil); slightly larger than China; more than twice the size of the European Union.

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    Отличная статья Спасибо огромное

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    OHH This is good for me. Thank ^_^

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