Obscure news unearthed for May 29, 2009

Obscure news I found today…

Cruise ship ordered away from Australian coast as swine flu spreads – Three crew members on the Pacific Dawn have tested positive for the swine flu while sailing around the Great Barrier Reef. The ship is currently staying at sea and has cancelled port calls …read it here

Is your bank safe? Check your bank, thrift or credit union to see what the star rating is …read it here

Kenyan men start 30-day sex strike – In response to the G-10 women’s movement to go on a one-week sex boycott, men have now announced they started a 30-day sex boycott to protest against the womens’ abuse …read it here

Denver dental practice protects patients from identity theft with idBUSINESS FTC ‘Red Flag Rules’ compliance module – dental practices are vulnerable to identity theft criminals and one dentist, being a victim himself, takes the steps to protect his patients …read it here

Twenty-four arrested in California maritime smuggling attempt – A maritime smuggling attempt of 16 male and six female illegal Mexican nationals was foiled by US Customs and Border Protection agents on the Encinitas, Calif. Coastline …read it here

For 2nd time, suspicious substance found in ex-judge’s law office tested in Maryland. “It looks like it came from a prison again,” the police spokesman said …read it here

Earthquake fault much larger, more dangerous than thought in Washington …read it here

New York police car stolen right outside headquarters …read it here

Twitter gets targeted again by worm-like phishing attack …read it here

North Carolina police officers receive 108 month sentence for conspiring to possess with intent to distribute cocaine …read it here

‘Gumblar’ virus could be bigger than Conficker worm — Gumblar, with a new webpage infected every 4.5 seconds targets Google users …read it here

Questions arise over planned natural gas well near Aztec ruins in New Mexico …read it here

Pakistan government puts rewards on heads of Taliban leaders …read it here

From Willnevergiveup archives: Immigration: testing more than just Americans

Fun fact: The US population is 307,212,123 (July 2009 est.)

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