Obscure news unearthed for May 27, 2009

My jaunt today brings more interesting articles. Sharing, as usual, the most interesting ones below.

Microchipping your money: New theme park wristbands carry ability of a debit card …read it here

Swine flu is spreading wider than official data show …read it here

Britain: 800 haemophiliacs given tainted blood at risk of vCJD (human form of mad cow disease) …read it here

Gay group says Maine church is breaking tax rules …read it here

Corporate donations to ACORN are vulnerable to misappropriation, dissident group says …read it here

Allegations of impropriety surround Parole Commission …read it here

Burma: Suu Kyi denies house arrest violation …read it here

GM: using taxpayer dollars to put taxpayers out of work …read it here

Kenya Government rejects South Africa’s maize …read it here

China’s robot helicopter ready for market …read it here

Can you crack the code? FBI: try your hand at cryptanalysis …read it here

From Willnevergiveup archives: Congress rewrites Constitution for Presidential term limits

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3 Responses to Obscure news unearthed for May 27, 2009

  1. Killogramm says:

    Офигеть просто! Все, блин, всё знают, кроме меня

  2. Translation of Killogramm on google tool:

    Translated to: Ofiget easy! All slapjack, everyone knows except me

  3. superdrupermegapuper54321…

    Very usefull info. Thanks!…

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