Obscure news unearthed for May 23, 2009

My daily jaunt on the internet brings interesting and oftentimes obscure press releases. For those of you too busy to search out the “obscure” on your own, yet interested in what’s going on around you here’s the obscure news I found today.

Linda Fleming  becomes first to “die with dignity” under new Wash. state  law …read it here

Former military personnel indicted for conspiracy and theft of government fuel in Iraq …read it here

US Government says sensitive Clinton Administration records missing …read it here

FTC launches new scam prevention site …read it here

U.S. may strip SEC of powers in regulatory overhaul …read it here

Obama signs mortgage bill into law …read it here

Radium in drinking water …read it here

Dallas’ emergency dispatch computers are latest virus victim …read it here

Beware of fake Twitter phishing Web site …read it here

Conficker still infecting 50,000 PCs per day …read it here

Former federal firefighter held in Calif. Arsons …read it here

From Willnevergiveup archives: FDA failed again – but no one is reporting it this time

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