Obscure news for May 19

Go green — Troy’s celebrated solar house left in dark …read the news

Inspector General: DHS data centers at risk …read the news

Warnings about compromised parts in U.S. Navy subs go unheeded …read the news

Bank warns of scam targeting ATM card numbers …read the news

Members of U.S. Army plead guilty to role in scheme to steal equipment from the U.S. military in Iraq …read the news

Web attack that poisons Google results …read the news

Planes collide at Skagit airport …read the news

WHO may raise alert level as swine flu cases leap in Japan …read the news

Real Estate – what will $400 buy today …read the news

FDIC’s Bair: Bank CEOs will be replaced-report …read the news

U.S. tanker fleet showing its age …read the news

Novel technique developed at CHOP may lead to HIV vaccine …read the news

New computer virus on rise, warn security experts …read the news

President Obama’s cousin to visit US
PM Raila leaves for the US …read the news

Media buries Obama-ACORN tie story …read the news

Statistics for new residential construction for April 2009 …read the news

From Willnevergiveup archives: African family background of Obama


2 Responses to Obscure news for May 19

  1. Wow, another great post. Thank you fot he quality info, i have become a big fan of you blog…keep it up

  2. Thanks for the nice compliment. I’m always open for suggestions if some topics strike your fancy over others.

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