Obscure news for May 18

NYPD breaks up identity theft ring in which 6,000 victims’ credit wrecked, banks bilked out of $15M …read the news

NPD: April videogame sales drop 17% to 1.03 bil in US, DSi sells 1.04 mil …read the news

ID Analytics offers consumers free online check-up for identity theft …read the news

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden reveals location of secret bunker …read the news

Expert: Even routine work poses cyber-threat …read the news

Former organizer says ACORN will commit fraud in Census work …read the news

Google blackout blamed on network ‘traffic jam …read the news

HP laptop batteries recalled for overheating …read the news

Divorces stall as economy cuts ability to split …read the news

Facebook members hit by another phishing scam …read the news

Scam sites increasingly masquerading as Facebook, MySpace …read the news

NYC school Assistant Principal is latest swine flu …read the news

Swine flu virus H1N1 updated statistics by state and country …read the news

Northland’s surviving auto dealers see silver lining in franchise cuts …read the news

Oil prices fall while gas prices rise …read the news

Survey: 70% of employees work overtime, skip lunch …read the news

From Willnevergiveup archives: ACORN and the foreclosure “victim”


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