Johns Hopkins Hospital – patient info may have been “leaked”

Johns Hopkins Hospitals’ recent suspected loss of patient info being leaked out is a wake-up notice to the 10,200 patients who may have been affected.

While most individuals worry about credit card and identity theft being ripped off by a faceless savvy thief through some sort of sophisticated trickery. Some thieves might even dive into your garbage to retrieve sensitive data thrown out carelessly. We’re constantly being urged to be careful with our sensitive data.

The warnings are of little help to the 10,200 former patients of Johns Hopkins Hospital who are being advised to be alert for any improper activity with their accounts and identity because of a former employee.

The Johns Hopkins incident is another example of the little attention being given to thievery committed through “secure database” breaches (see article here) or used equipment being resold without destroying sensitive information written to it (see article here).  

Law enforcement agencies and some victims began reporting to Johns Hopkins as early as January of identity theft. Some victims only association with Baltimore—where the theft activities were focused–was the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Corporate security at Johns Hopkins has lead to the suspicion of one employee who worked in the patient registration area.

The information at risk in addition to insurance and physician information is social security number, name, address, telephone number, date of birth, names of mother and father.

The incident is still under investigation and no indictments have been issued.

– 30 –

The daily obscure NEWS update is now available here along with the update on swine flu H1N1 statistics from the WHO and CDC can be seen here


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