Obscure news unearthed for May 14

Identity theft at risk – study finds personal information left on discarded equipment …read the news

General Motors reportedly to bring China-built vehicles to U.S. by 2011 …read the news

Huge Chinese spy network loots cata from 103 countries — capable of turning on webcams and microphones …read the news

Rightwing Extremism” report issued by Homeland Security warning of military veterans as possible recruits for terrorist attacks against the U.S. withdrawn – slated for rewrite …read the news

Obama considers detaining terror suspects indefinitely …read the news

GM recalls Camaro, Traverse, SUVs/pickups on various issues …read the news

Boeing to move missile defense HQ to Alabama …read the news

AirTight study of financial districts’ airspace reveals Wi-Fi security risks …read the news

Man who impersonated federal agent at Logan gets probation …read the news

Bacteria create aquatic superbugs in waste treatment plants …read the news

Health authorities ready to limit flu drug use …read the news

Police cheating on Pa. exam probed …read the news

Verizon sells landline assets for $8.6 billion …read the news

300 ATV riders protest federal land laws …read the news

Republicans: Nancy Pelosi could have objected …read the news

From Willnevergiveup archives: FDA failed again – but no one is reporting it this time

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