See salaries of your elected officials in DC

Have you ever wondered what your elected officials earn while working as your public servant in Washington, DC?

Because it’s in vogue now to scrutinizing the salaries of others, it might be fun to scrutinize our public employee salaries and expenditures.

We each pay – through our tax dollars — for our elected officials to represent us. Each individual public servant is sent to the nations’ capital to represent the best interests of the people he/she serves.

The term public servant in itself alludes to tirelessly serving others.

President $400,000

Vice President $227,300

Speaker of the House $223,500

House Majority and Minority Leaders $193,400

House Members and Delegates $174,000

Senate Members & Delegates $174,000

Chief Justice, Supreme Court $217,400

Associate Justices, Supreme Court $208,100

The cost of running each office runs into the millions. For instance, when President Obama was a Senator, the total salary expenditures for fiscal 2008 were nearly $3 million just for his office alone!

The cost of sending your public servant to Washington becomes even greater when you add in the benefit and retirement packages.

See what your public servant costs you here.


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