The Change in Washington Amidst a Recession

Just Tuesday, the president made the rounds on every TV network to apologize for abandoning what he called the highest ethical standards ever enacted in any administration.

Thursday February 5, 2008, President Obama, a day after banning corporate executives from earning more than $500,000 a year via taxpayer bailouts, headed to the Democratic retreat. In past years hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer cash has been spent for annual retreats at luxury resorts.

This year will be no different.

According to Democratic Aides, members need to travel together and  have chartered an Amtrak train that will cost the taxpayers around $70,000 The cost of the trip alone does not include the helicopters that will fly overhead the train for added security.

The  Kingsmill Resort and Spa is the chosen destination located in historical Williamsburg, Virginia. The three-day planning session will offer such ammenities as a full service spa, many championship golf courses and no less than six restaurants. View their website here.

According to dem. Caucus spokeswoman Emily Barocas, “This retreat is strategic planning for the country.” She went on to say “The president, vice president and three Cabinet secretaries will be meeting with the caucus to plan the direction we are taking the country in.”

While President Clinton’s first trip as president was to Detroit, where he held a town hall meeting with average Americans to talk about how to fix the economy, and President Bush flew to Fort Stewart, Ga., to visit soldiers in the 3rd Infantry Division, Mr. Obama’s first trip aboard Air Force One will take him to a luxury resort in Williamsburg.

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