Judicial Watch Under Fire

Judicial Watch reported November 6, that the Hispanic Bar Association demanded and received the terms “illegal” and “aliens” banned from all Arizona state courtrooms. According to the Hispanic Bar Assn., the terms were perceived to be inflammatory and might create judicial bias.

Los Abogados, the Hispanic bar association of Arizona wrote a letter to Chief Justice McGregor of the Supreme Court of Arizona requesting that judges and employees:

Use the terms “undocumented immigrants, foreign nationals, persons without legal immigration status, unauthorized workers, and alleged or suspected undocumented immigrants.”

Additionally, the request asked for terms such as “illegals, illegal aliens, aliens, resident or non-resident aliens, illegal immigrants, scratchbacks or wetbacks, armies of immigrants, invaders, reconquistadores and anchor babies” not to be used in public documents and proceedings.

Friday, November 7, an Arizona Supreme Court spokesperson spoke with Judicial Watch. The spokesperson denied the Chief Justice banned anything and accused Judicial Watch of “slander.”

You be the judge. Read the letters and see other terms encouraged and discouraged here. 


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