Voting Day: Polls and Glitches

Over 9,000 complaints have been lodged and recorded so far today. To see what’s happening in your area click here.

Those complaints range from voters not being on the list to machines not being calibrated. You can view the various complaints here.

On the eve of an historic presidential election, Channel 9’s I-Team uncovers a potentially huge flaw in our voting system, a flaw that could let millions of people vote more than once.

It’s a national problem, and one that Hagit Limor has been investigating as a team project with reporters in Florida and Georgia.

For example, Thomas Habel has two homes, a condo in Marco Island, Fla., and a house in Hartwell, Ga.

On Oct. 25, voter records show Habel voted at the Collier County Public Library, a fact he readily admits.

But Georgia records show he already had voted 25 days earlier in Hart County, Ga.

Habel said, “It’s a mistake.” He says he never voted in Georgia.

…and that’s not an isolated incident.

I’m currently investigating reports of Obama volunteers who are standing at polls repeating names of people as they come in to vote into their cell phones in an attempt to keep track of who hasn’t voted on the registered lists to someone on the other end.

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Before you vote take 8 minutes to watch this video. As you will see, Obama is pictured overseas in this video:


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