NEW lawsuits cropping up for Obama Proof of Citizenship?

The first is the original lawsuit Philip Berg filed. Read more here.



There are currently THREE lawsuits open for Obama proof of birth records.



The Second Complaint argues that the Secretary of State of Washington has the authority and duty to certify the voters and the candidates.

Steven Marquis, a resident of Fall City WA today filed suit in Washington State Superior Court against Secretary of State Sam Reed demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status.

“To date, in this regard, Secretary of State Sam Reed has not carried out that fundamental duty,” Marques said.

Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State rejected the requests for certification. An injunction has been requested to force the office to confirm Obama’s U.S. citizenship or remove his name from Washington ballots.  Read more here

The third and most recent lawsuit is occurring in Honolulu Circuit Court — CIVIL NUMBER: 08-1-2147-10

ANDY MARTIN has filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment against LINDA LINGLE, in her Official capacity as Governor Of the State of Hawai’i, DR. CHIYOME FUKINO, in her official capacity as Director of the Department of Health, requesting a certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate. Read the full lawsuit article here.

To get a better understanding of why Obama is being pulled into litigation here is an informative 10 minute video interview with Mr. Berg explaining the issues in easy to understand terms.

Me wonders how many more states will be involved in plain ol’ citizens suing them to get to the truth?


3 Responses to NEW lawsuits cropping up for Obama Proof of Citizenship?

  1. Mama says:

    this is the answer, and no one san see it.

    Canada Free Press keeping America honest, only one in AMERICA’S Corner
    Need to see The Honorable James David Manning explains how
    Obama’s grandma feels about Obama.

    God Save America Saturday, 18 October 2008

  2. Vicki Craven says:

    This is disgraceful!! This subject is all over the blogs and the internet. Why aren’t the news stations reporting on this?? How can he get away with this?? He lies about everything. People are very angry!!

  3. R says:

    I am afraid if the news refuses to cover this and Obama is found to be a citizen of Indonesia it might kick off a civil war in our country. I don’t think it will be a war of blacks against whites either. I think it will be the people agains the political “elite” as they are the ones who are helping cover up this.

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