Boring Debates



Who will benefit the most? Us or them --->

McCain and Obama signed a negotiated 31-page “memorandum of understanding” that has not been made public regarding the debates.

Could that be why they’re not talking about what WE want them to talk about?

In the second debate Brokaw selected questions from written queries submitted prior to the debate, according to the agreement.


The “memorandum” included such things as the debate formats, question types, seating arrangements, and even where a candidate can stand. In the second debate, the seats were bar stool type and the candidates, although allowed to stand could not roam outside a certain radius of “their area.”


Moderator behavior is kept in check. The camera is not allowed to show shots of the moderators’ reaction to candidates answers. The moderator is not allowed to ask follow up questions or point out inaccuracies or distortions by candidates.


The memorandum covers everything from how the candidates are addressed to the permissible camera shots.


Now we know why there is no talk of Ayers, Rev. Wright, Cousin Odinga, the birth certificate, ACORN, the Annenberg Challenge or all the other important issues that would decide our vote.


There is an overall push from the Open Debate Coalition to change the rules for the final debate. We’ll see tonight what happens.


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