What the press isn’t reporting


Don’t miss the 10 minute video interview with the man who is suing Obama for proof of citizenship here.

Listen to audio tape admitting Obama’s Kenyan birthplace here.

Three videos that should leave pause for concern. I encourage you to scroll down and watch all three.

The first video WAS 8 minutes long the Obama supporters have had the video erased. Here is another video should the one below pique your interest. Currently censorship and editorial scrubs by the Obama people is rampant on the internet. If any links do NOT work contact me immediately via comments and I will go search for the new links.

Below is a short expose’ on Obama’s cousin Odinga in Kenya . Towards the end Obama is introduced into the video side by side with Odinga campaigning for president in Kenya  [circa 2006] while employed by the United States of America as a member of the United States Senate. I encourage you to watch every minute.

There is another 4 minute video of Obama campaigning for his cousin here.

If you do a search on youtube of “Odinga Obama” there are scores of videos available to view. There is no mistake that Obama DID campaign with his cousin in Kenya. Here’s a link to youtube. You can read more about his cousin Raila Odinga here and here. ONE American news article about his trip to Africa in 2006 said he arrived in Africa on a U.S. Army C-20 aircraft. I guess it means we (taxpayers) paid for the trip. Read more about it here.

Obama’s loyalties have been questioned surrounding Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, ACORN, and numerous other “radical” relationships. The question we should all be asking ourselves is not why Obama would embrace such radicals but rather for what purpose are these radicals embracing Obama?

There are currently FOUR lawsuits in place (PA, WA, UT, and HI) to prove his country of birth (among other things). There are accounts that his mother was visiting Kenya with Obama Sr. when she was eight months pregnant and the airlines would not let her return to the US in her late stage of pregnancy.  Family members in Kenya are reported to say he WAS born in Kenya and birth records were transferred to the US a few days after his birth.

There are posts on this site regarding the ongoing lawsuit.

A more indepth post regarding the first video can be found here:

Below is a 2 minute video of secondary school youth in Paramilitary Garb:

4 minute video of grade school children singing Obama song:

A 22 minute video — an emotional cry from the pulpit. MUST SEE.

Should you feel compelled to contact the school/teacher/administration this video gives contact information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXABTmZP6oA&eurl=http://hnn.us/blogs/3.html%22

Another video of great interest is the interview of Philip Berg explaining the details around the birth certificate lawsuit here:


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